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What Is Harmonizing?  

While there were many inquiries into the meaning of Divine Radiance, which were addressed in last week’s newsletter, there seemed to be even more questions about what the Council means when they are talking about harmonizing. The brief answer is that harmonizing is all about embracing, uniting, allowing, and accepting – of being proactive in how we live and interact with each other.

The Divine Mother has given us explanations of what this action verb harmonize means in the framework of Nova Gaia and how this works.  A few have indicated that the word harmonize feels foreign and amorphous. Being a Merriam-Webster girl, I love checking out what terms mean in common usage, and boy was I excited when I really hit paydirt!

At its core, Harmonize is synonymous with Unity! Harmony stands for a good balance and interactions. Its foundation is contentment (I would add joy), and it is scientifically proven to literally make you feel good! It invites our hearts to sing in harmony with the universe. And as we do so, as we find deeper contentment and peace within ourselves, we learn to love others more profoundly.

Envision a world where we all work together in perfect harmony, where every piece of the puzzle collaborates to manifest a grand, enhanced vision. This, dear hearts, is what is termed synergy. It’s the magic that happens when diverse elements unite to create something far greater than the sum of their parts. A symphony, where each musician plays in perfect synchrony, producing a masterpiece that transcends the individual notes.

The Divine Mother is beckoning us to do exactly that on our journey as Nova Gaians. She is guiding us on this voyage to:

“Harmonize with all elements, and you within this environment of all elements. You come forth in creation and harmony, in community, in the unity of one consciousness, to bring forth not only my Plan but what your heart, individually and collectively, has been yearning for. I guide you, suggest that you follow our examples and embrace, bring into your sphere, harmonize, as you bring into your sphere all that you seek.

“It is most certainly the time for you, as pathfinders and wayshowers, to show this Planet of Love how to be the Love, how to express the Love, and how to know the Love. I am asking, inviting, extending myself into you – not just offering to embrace you, but once again for you to embrace me. But that is, again, just the beginning. You expand outward to all the kingdoms… so you are to love as Gaia loves, and you are to love Gaia.

“Gaia does not say, ‘I love the mountains more than the hills,’ or ‘I love the ocean; I prefer the streams; flowers come and go.’ No! I wish you to know the Kingdoms that Gaia and I have created. ‘Oh,’ you say, ‘I love a sunset,’ but do you know the sunset? Have you embraced the sunset into your very being? ‘Oh, I love the fairies,’ but are you talking to them? And sweet angels of light, are you listening to them?

“Harmonizing is about learning, remembering, choosing, wanting, claiming to breathe in harmony with every aspect, every fiber of your being, and then expanding that out to breathe and live and do and play in harmony with each other.  I guide you, suggest that you follow our examples and embrace, bring into your sphere, harmonize, as you bring into your sphere all that you seek.”

If your soul yearns, as mine does, to co-create our new Earth, to fully embrace your Nova Gaian self, then please join us on November 10 – 11 in Boca Raton, Florida for this sacred gathering on Harmonizing with Divine Radiance. The Mother is calling – will you answer? You always have bright angel, it’s why we’re here together right now at this miraculous intersection of the Divine Plan.

For more information or to register, click here.


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