Archangel Michael offers an EMPOWERMENT.


An Invitation from Archangel Michael which offers us an INITIATION, or that which he calls, AN EMPOWERMENT… an expansion of our Spiritual Gifts in working with the Divine Self, that we are ready for, now.Ā šŸ”„Ā 

Hello Beautiful ~!

How are you doing? I have heard so many wild stories from members of our community of late. People breaking bones and discovering illnesses, or getting diagnosed with something dreaded.

I’m also hearing amazing things about inner shifts and expansion into feeling your multidimensionality much more vividly, but the strange and intense physical ailments affecting so many people is something I want to acknowledge.

I want to offer to you, that one of the things I realized about my own long-Covid experience, is that this was in part, a way to really, dramatically change my energy.

Being sick and then healing — which is happening in layers and still ongoing isĀ allowingĀ me to release and clear layer upon layer of older, denser energy in my field, in my DNA in my ancestral energy system, as well as those from my body’s lifetime.

So anyone who is experiencing health challenges right now, or feels like they’re in some kind of challenging manifestation? I want to offer today’s message to you, as encouragement … and also share with you a new invitation to a new program that will support us generously through the Eclipse Cycle, the 10-10 and 11-11 alignments and prepare us for the December Solstice.

I invite you to join us, as we are initiated into working with theĀ Divine Self and


Now you may have heard about creating your own reality before, but this is something quite different and much more expansive in what is seen as our foundation for being able to do this…

So please read on and then click and read the FULL CHANNELING from Archangel Michael.

Let yourself RECEIVE that gift, of encouragement and love and warmth and peace and spaciousness.

And if you LOVE IT, then by all means JOIN THE PROGRAM!

But for sure, receive the GIFT of this channeled transmission, it is just so full of love and clarity and encouragement.

I have known about some of this and felt itĀ coming for such a long time…!

It’s thrilling to me, to hear that Archangel Michael says, theĀ time is NOW, because this program is a HUGE EMPOWERMENT.

And like the Sirian Stargate Transmissions that were given this summer…

This is, I’m being told, an INITIATION.Ā šŸ”„
That is what is meant by an EMPOWERMENT.

It’s the bestowing of and infusion of energetic gifts and capabilities.

This is where the words: WAYSHOWERS take on even more meaning and importance.

Because while the world is evolving, and ascending, and people are awakening and opening, and there seems to be chaos and change everywhere, weĀ can choose our own reality.


And to do this, is going to involve, releasing and clearing and changing and upleveling OUR ENERGY.

We can choose and create our own personalĀ reality so that we experience our own world asĀ peaceful, our economy as stable, our nervous system and our body are well, and our life is joyful and fulfilling.

This may seem selfish but it fact, because we are ONE, this is actually such a gift. Living this way changes our energy.

And to be a wayshower, is to light the way and INSPIRE OTHERS. To remind them what they can do, if they wish to and choose to.

Remember that our consciousnessĀ and vibrationĀ is affecting our shared collective field of energy and consciousness.

So living well and being joyful and clear, connected and abundant, makes those frequencies and experiences, more available to others.

And this is more important now, than ever before.

Archangel Michael’s LATEST MESSAGE shares:

“You are in an amazing period of upleveling! Your very consciousness is encouraging you to clean things up and elevate.

Everything is accelerating and this is creating the opportunity for you to experience more joy, more healing, more ease and breakthroughs to new levels of experience.

We know that you are already feeling the intensification of the energies at this time and we want to start off this transmission by making one thing clear: everything is happening FOR you. Everything.”

Ascension is a path of empowerment.

And as weĀ ascend, we are required to elevate our game.

To not only integrate and allow higher light to transform us, but to build a bridge of communication and connection with our Divine Self and to embody that energy and CONSCIOUSNESS in our lives.

This new program — Choosing Our Own Reality, is an initiation, in raising our frequency, clarifying our field and in building a stronger bridge to the Divine Self.

It’s an opportunity to co-create BREAKTHROUGHS and to shift our life into higher expression.

I am SO thrilled to invite you to learn more and to join us.

Read the new message from Archangel Michael…

And get all the details here:

We are so supported! The energies and non-physical allies, who have come forth to play and co-create with us, in this, are mind-blowing. I am thrilled to be channeling them and connecting with these energies.

All is One. All is Love.
I am feeling this more than ever before.

We are in this together.

Sending you so much love and blessings,


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