‘Hathor Temple of Sound’ Champagne Aura Quartz from Gillian😘


As we get closer to the autumn equinox here in the USA we come to a turning point within self and situation. Lots of the past pitfalls seem to fall away by themselves as if we officially deleted them. Within this energy could be a feeling of emptiness as we all come full circle within self and soul. What once filled us has left the building, so to speak, and is not longer part of our path. What we once identified with is no longer our partner in this dance. the autumn colors give to us new insights as to how we can shift in ease. who you were has shifted and changed who you are becoming is yet to be seen in living color. to see pix and prices of these beauties go to www.thequantumawakening.com

Hathor Temple of Sound

Champagne Aura Quartz

The energy of “Hathor and ‘the Hathor’s” is some of my very favorite spiritual energy. I still wear an Egyptian golden Hathor necklace that I had made when we were in Egypt almost 27 years ago.  It has been a long time since this energy of Hathor has come to the surface as per the world energies and the crystal grid. The Temple of Hathor in Dendara Egypt was built in 1st century B.C and it is one of the best-preserved Temples in all of Egypt. The Temple of Dendara is dedicated to the Goddess Hathor, (She is the goddess of love, music, wine, and procreation.) Queen Cleopatra II built the temple of Dendara and then the Roman Emperors continued to decorate it and honor the Goddess Hathor. (The Greeks identified the Goddess Hathor as Aphrodite.)


These powerful champagne aura points come to give us the Gift of Hathor in all of her Light. The Egyptians believed that Hathor could heal them and they visited her temple for various healing treatments as given by the High Priestesses. On the grounds of the Temple you will find a sanatorium designed to accommodate and treat pilgrims visiting the healing temple. The Sanatorium was a type of hospital using ancient and future medical techniques. The complex included two birth houses, a sacred lake, and two chapels. The complex was surrounded by high mud brick walls that were built in alternating concave and convex sections producing a wavy structure that shifted sound signifying the primordial sea


In Egyptian mythology, Hathor was a personification of the Milky Way, which was seen as the milk that flowed from the udders of a heavenly cow. The name Hathor refers to the encirclement by her, in the form of the Milky Way. The Milky Way was seen as a waterway in the heavens, sailed upon by both the sun god and the king, leading the Egyptians to describe it as The Nile in the Sky. Hathor was a goddess of Joy; she was deeply loved by the general population, and truly revered by women, who aspired to embody her multifaceted role.  The worship of Hathor was so popular that more festivals were dedicated to her honor that any other Egyptian deity. Even Hathor’s priesthood was unusual, in that both men, and women, became her priests.


“The Hathors” are from an Ascended Star civilization. They are profound Masters of Love thru Sound. The Hathor’s are a group of inter-dimensional beings who come from an ascended intergalactic civilization.  They once helped ancient Egypt and Tibet, and have returned to assist humanity’s current evolution. They are interdimensional originally coming from another universe by way of the Sirius system and the etheric realms of Venus. The Feminine aspect of Christ is demonstrated by the Hathors. These “healers of healers” are an ascended civilization of interdimensional masters who have served earth for over 850,000 years. The Egyptian goddess Hathor best represents their strongly feminine presence. Artifacts that pay homage to her nurturing gifts and spiritually uplifting initiations can be found in Egypt’s many temple ruins. The Hathor’s are active today in human affairs. Many are remembering their Hathor lineage and connections through the power of sound healing.


The sound of you is eternal and immortal; the sound of the universe is even louder and longer. These crystals ask you to birth the sound that lives deep within you, to set it free. No longer can you hide behind the clouds of doubt about what and who you are. These magnificent specimens have been blessed by the Hathor’s creating a sounding board bringing you back into alignment with what is real and deemed necessary. You were born to bring about change in the world thru your word and voice, sound and life. These crystal beings come to escort you into the true presence of your own power filling you with the magical spoken word of what is possible in an imposable world. They ask you to step outside of what is seen as normal and creatively assemble the ‘signs of a time to come’, to paint a new picture.


Champagne Aura Quartz is created when Clear Quartz crystals are super-heated in a vacuum and infused with vaporized Gold & Indium (atomic # 49). The precious metals condense onto the surface of the quartz crystal to form a permanent bond with the lattice of the quartz. By combining the vibrations of Quartz with Gold and Indium, a synthesis of unique vibrations is created. Indium (exotic matter) has been shown to support hormonal systems in the body. Japanese researchers report that Indium balances 23 of the 24 hormonal systems in the body. It is believed that Indium provides aid to the hypothalamus and pituitary glands, while balancing and stabilizing the Limbic System. These Champagne Aura Points help to activate and connect the Sacral Chakra through to the Crown Chakra. Champagne Aura can help to ground higher spiritual ideas into physical reality.


Champagne Aura Quartz can be used to gently dissolve negative energies and emotional blockages. It further acts as a protective stone, providing a charged crystalline barrier of energy around the user. It can be used to initiate a powerful force field which will absorb many forms of negativity. It tends to refine the vibratory energies.  It provides protection from any detrimental forces in the ethereal realm.  Champagne Aura clears blockages from the subtle body and smooths the energy field. Champagne Aura provides a strong energetic defense for any unwanted energies. Champagne Aura transforms negative thinking into the purest spiritual thought forms. Champagne aura quartz is considered a very powerful gemstone as it believed to help make unformed dreams a reality as it gently dissolves negative energies and emotional impasses. www.theQuantumAwakening.com


ZOOM WORKSHOP with Gillian MacBeth

Sunday 12:45- 3:15 pm EST (USA & Canada)

class cost $29.00 includes video 

Email thequantumawakening@gmail.com to be placed on list for this class. I will send out Zoom Link when we get closer to actual class date. Payment via Paypal.com send to thequantumawakening@gmail.com


In this fun and enlightening workshop we will walk thru the many Halls and places of Prophecy the old-fashioned way. In ancient times Oracles were thought to channel the gods and foretell the future. Delphi in Greece at the Temple of Apollo was a specific location considered a site of power where Oracles aligned with ancient deep earth vapors which activated truths. The ‘Oracles of Delphi’ and all that entails will be addressed in this workshop. Oracles were also commonly used in ancient Egypt. It was a important aspect of ancient Egyptian society.

Royals and non-royals approached gods in the form of a statue carried on the shoulders of priests during festivals seeking the god’s decision in all sort.  In ancient times, an oracle was someone who offered advice or a prophecy thought to have come directly from a Divine Source. The Sibyls were the Roman equivalents of the Greek goddess oracles. The origin is a prophetess named Sibyl, who like the oracle at Delphi, spoke the words of Apollo by going into a trance. The tradition went on, and women were chosen by the gods to become oracles and sibyls. This workshop will be full of meditations, a little time travel, and a passageway of insight; Time to trust your oracle self.



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