New Video Message: NESARA Breakthroughs, ET Visits & More


Greetings, Friend!

As always, I pray you and yours are well, despite the power of these extreme energies, and the current events.

This week’s Message answers my latest question —

How close we are to NESARA being enacted? What are the signs that we’re getting closer? How the Light has won, and how we can help things along?

The first Message is from the Collective, then I come in again to introduce my wonderful friend Shirley Bolstok, a powerful energy worker, psychic, and Light Bringer who made her transition back into the Light two years ago.

I bring through this lovely message from Shirley on how we can tell that things are shifting powerfully in favor of the Light Forces, and how our Love & Thanks, felt each time we think of NESARA, is powerful in birthing its enactment.

Shirley’s message is full of Light and her joyful spirit, and I must thank her for that.

Starseed 🌟 Channeling: Quantum Leap thru Earth’s 🌎 Dark Night of the Soul

Go here for the full transcript of this week’s Message, and here for the video version.

As always, higher energies are embedded throughout, to help you heal and strengthen, and to Light up your path.

Right in the center of you and I reclaiming our power on this planet is the fact that Love and Thankfulness are two of the most empowering and co-Creative elements we could ever experience.

I Give Thanks for you, and all you offer, great Light Bringer!

When NESARA is fully enacted, we’ll all dance together, and Thank one another for holding the Light, even thru this planet’s dark night of the soul.

With so much Love & Light,


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