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Daybreak – Pray & Hang On


Adjusting to Divine Radiance  

On the heels of Daybreak chatting about “Pray & Hang On”, how can I possibly switch to Divine Radiance? How can I not?

In June, I spoke of the miracle of the gift of the Divine Mother infusing and imbuing us with the gift of Her Divine Radiance. I don’t think I’m alone in declaring that the magnitude and impact of this gift, this fundamental shift in our reality, is only beginning to really sink in. In some ways, we receive such a constant flow of blessings that when something so fundamentally new comes along there is a danger of it being overlooked or even unrecognized.

One of the things that hit me these last couple of months is not only how this gift of Divine Radiance, the Divine Mother’s Essence, is impacting each of us on a very fundamental level – but also how we are affecting it. Let me explain on a personal level.

As I have just shared in today’s Daybreak, sometimes we are in a place of Pray & Hang On. As I have hung on for dear life doing just that, my awareness of the Divine Radiance didn’t disappear. But because my well was dry, rather than actively trying to harmonize with the Mother’s Divine Radiance, I found myself gently being guided to allow everything within my sacred field to harmonize with me. What, do nothing? How can this be when we are the vanguard of change, the builders of Nova Gaia?

This juxtaposition between being the creators, co-creators of Nova Earth and the beacon transmitters receptors is part of an incredible conversation that we need to engage in over the next couple of months. How do we enter the stillness of the mighty oak, the ancient rocks and the hurricane winds while being grounded, present, aware, and Happy? Not just riding those new time waves but being profoundly aware of what we are doing! Stay tuned my dear friends and loveholders. xxx Linda



From My Heart to Yours, All my Love xxx, Linda

Linda Dillon

Founder, Council of Love


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