Magick Wand & Buffalo Prayers: what else could you want? from Gillian


As we move our awareness and expectations into the month of Virgo and mercury retrograde

we begin a new journey of exploration and expectations. what will wrap itself around us is yet to be seen, but the body stands at attention in its expectations. when we can’t go to see, it is time to mend the nets. Wise use of time and space will shift the time lines into easier patterns of observation. begin what you have not started, and finish what you have already begun.

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Magick  Wands

If you are looking for a powerful ‘Magick Wand’ this 16” beauty is perfect. This wand is a great gift for the enchanted kid within each of us that still remembers their magical powers and is attracted to all that is ‘Supernatural’.


These gorgeous wands ask you to ‘grant as many wishes as you can’. Just holding them will make your hands buzz with anticipation. This is a really great wand to have for any type of healing and energy work. Your hand will tingle with the energy as soon as you touch them. Just remember dear ones, when you have a magick wand in your hand every thought counts!!


Clear Quartz is an excellent all-seeing stone, which can amplify both energy and thoughts. It can assist in the creation of power, clarity of thinking, meditation, cleansing, clearing the aura, spiritual healing. Clear Quartz is considered the “stone of power”. It is a ‘dedicated healer’.


Pure white light passes through it easily, leaving all the colors of the spectrum unaltered.  This wand has a quartz point at one end and a quartz sphere at the other. It has a copper body and is a true treasure. The sphere is an expression of infinite symmetry and rounds out the energy.

Use these wands for…
– healing
– balancing chakras
– releasing energy blocks
– releasing fears and attachments
– visualizing and creating
– connecting with higher Self/angels/guides/

Buffalo Prayers

Buffalo medicine is gratitude, prayer, and praise.

Praying for the needs of all creatures,

For harmony and giving praise for the gifts you have already received.


Buffalo reminds us to give thanks for what we have, to respect all life forms and to honor the integrity of our own divinity.  Buffalo is a powerful medicine and serves as a stepping stone towards healing our imperfections and reconnecting with Mother Earth and Father Sky. Buffalo plays an important role especially nowadays when most people think there is ‘just not enough’. Buffalo teachings are tough and they come to strengthen the core of mankind aligning with original divine truth and instructs. Those who have a Buffalo totem must walk a sacred path and they really do not have a choice in the matter, the very center of there being asks them to honor mother earth and every aspect of life.


Buffalo connects heart and soul to Mother Earth. He will bring you strength of character and create an independent spirit within you. Buffalo is the totem of abundance. His medicine is a ‘knowing’ that true abundance is present when all relations are honored as sacred.  Those who are aligned with Buffalo must walk a sacred path, honoring every walk of life. You will achieve nothing without the aid of the Great Spirit and you must be humble enough to ask for assistance and then be grateful for those gifts.


Buffalo teaches us not to push or force, but allow the path to unfold naturally. Buffalo is a symbol of good fortune: its meat fed the people, skins were used for clothing and covering, bones and sinew were crafted all the things that Mother Earth offers her children. Buffalo signals a time to reconnect with the meaning of life and the value of peace, to praise the gifts you already have, and to recognize and honor the sacredness in all paths of life.


As a herd Buffalo Do not push or bully but follow the easiest path forward. Buffalo medicine is knowing that abundance is present when all relations are honored as sacred and when gratitude is expressed to every part of creation. Buffalo medicine is Praying for the needs of all creatures. It is important that those who carry Buffalo medicine remember to use their energy and resources wisely. They often have a tendency to be overly generous, they feel so blessed in their own lives that they desire to share what they have with others! Sometimes the best gift one can give another is a push them to stand on their own two feet and learn from their mistakes. If one is always charging in to “rescue” someone, that person never has the opportunity to learn.

Buffalo is considered by many tribes as a symbol of abundance: its meat fed the people, skins were used for clothing and covering, bones and sinew were crafted as survival tools. The buffalo represents force and strength. If you should dream of a buffalo, you are being given a sign that you are supported by spirit in the accomplishment of a new project. When Buffalo appears to us, it is at this time that we ourselves need to take action on our own behalf and then and only then can we provide a channel for the manifestation to flow through to us from the Universe.


When defending against danger, buffalo cows will form a defensive circle around the calves and the bulls will form a circle around the cows. This symbolizes the buffalo’s mutual respect for one another as well as their protective instincts to defend and honor life. To the Plains Indians it was a symbol of sacred life and abundance. It gave the gift of life to others by sacrificing its own. It provided meat for food and hides for clothing and shelter. When tribes prepared for a buffalo hunt prayers of gratitude were offered up to great spirit. After the hunt ceremonies were performed that honored the buffalo’s spirit.


These beautifully hand carved Buffalo are made from Steatite which is imported directly from a small village in Peru where the majority of the community is employed making thousands of these and other carvings per year. These carved figurines are hand made one at a time with love and small dremels. Steatite  is known to help overcome excessive fears and anxieties. It helps to soften exaggerated defensive attitudes it releases outdated patterns and negative habits. This is a calming, stabilizing stone that can eliminate atmospheric electrical interference and facilitate amplified transmission of messages thru the physical and astral planes.


Steatite is valued for it the way it helps one prepare for changes in life. It also promotes truth, and rational thinking. This is a great stone to have with you at the start of a new year or when attempting to create new habits.  Steatite is connected to the sacral chakra, which is connected to the adrenal glands and the genitourinary system. This chakra regulates basic sexual & emotional needs. When this chakra is blocked, we feel emotionally imbalanced and deal with issues like loneliness, addiction, detachment, isolation, low libido and dependence. Steatite is connected to the solar plexus chakra located around the stomach. This chakra is responsible for low self-esteem, lack if self-trust, attraction to stimulants, victim mentality.  Part of being in control of your life is being prepared for changes. Steatite is used with spirit guides to open communication from our physical plane to other planes. The famed 120-feet tall ˜Christ the Redeemer’ statue that towers over the city of Rio de Janeiro in Brazil is perhaps the grandest proof of Steatites ability to be used as a sculpture material


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