David Wilcock- The Comeback


David here. I am very happy to make two exciting announcements for you today!

My first announcement is about the COMEBACK! It is happening. Michael’s books are nearly finished. I will be live-streaming again as soon as they are! 

Even better, last week I taped an amazing, two-plus-hour show with a major female public figure who gets millions of views on YouTube. 

As an interviewer, she asked great questions and co-created a wonderful performance. Our conversation went in a variety of surprising and fascinating directions.

I will be happy to reveal exactly who she is as soon as I know the video actually got posted — and is visible to everyone.

Normal post-production takes three weeks, so I am expecting our new show to arrive somewhere around September 1st. We don’t know the exact date just yet. 

Since her audience can approach or exceed two million views, this should be a watershed event in terms of getting Archangel Michael’s planetary message out. 

Despite how terrifying everything looks, Michael continues to use highly accurate prophecies to tell us that we will not only be OK — we are about to Ascend!

A seemingly impossible change in the very physics of our world is now upon us. It is triggering the mass awakening we are all now having as a collective. 

As you probably already know, I brought through intuitive messages with remote-viewing protocols in the late 1990s, and published most of it online by 1999 and 2000. No one can factually dispute when the material in these books was originally written. 

And that leads us to my second big announcement. Book Six is now complete — and the grand finale of the series, Book Seven, should be ready within a week or less!

As soon as I get these books done, I want to be right back out there on the video frontier. My big interview should debut around September 1st, as I said. 


I just finished writing Book Six last night, August 17th, 2023, and am now writing you this email the following morning. This time, we came in at a happy 375 pages. 

Book Six may be the most amazing volume in the entire series thus far. I found some truly dazzling new information that became a game-changer in many ways.

You can still receive this astonishing work at pre-order pricing (and receive all six books immediately) by checking out here. Remember to enter: ASCENSION at check out. 

We open up with Sgt. Clifford Stone’s fascinating disclosures about 57 different varieties of ETs that are crashing their ships here. 

Sgt. Stone was shown a three-inch-thick binder by “The Colonel” that had detailed descriptions of each of the 57 different species that can crash here on Earth. 

One surprising discovery is that a majority of them look human or humanlike. Although most of them are good, some can also be very evil. 

Now that UFO crashes are a matter of proven Congressional record, we will benefit greatly from going back to the validated sources — and solving the puzzle pieces. 

A few days ago, I spontaneously remembered how a key insider source from the early 2000s had given us key prophecies about the year 2020. 

That sizzling data is also now in Book Six. I expect you to be utterly and completely blown away and dazzled when you read that part!

Somehow, I was ‘allowed’ to remember this as I was finishing the book just a few days ago. Then I felt as if I had never forgotten it. 

This female whistleblower was touting the 2020 date as far back as 2001, and she laid it out as THE central year where plans were being made to take over the planet. 

I also found stunning new data from the 1950s human ET contact movement, where we learn about the “Unholy Six” of the Draco / Orion negative ET group. 

The Law of One series describes 53 positive civilizations. With the Unholy Six, we are surprisingly close to Sgt. Stone’s number of 57 civilizations crashing on Earth.

It is frankly astonishing to have telepathic sources so closely match the real-world data on ET crash retrievals, as reported by classic insiders like Sgt. Stone. 


You will also learn fascinating details, which were even new to me, about the exploded planet Maldek — which became our Asteroid Belt.

Once you read the history of our Solar System, as told by human ETs through validated 1950s channels, my gosh, it sounds exactly like Star Wars!

We discover that Star Wars is actually a documentary, giving what Michael describes as a simplified historical account of the good guys and the bad guys. 

George Lucas definitely seemed to have disclosure in mind. He likely had been given a large body of accurate data that was leaked from classified programs. 

The destroyed planet we see in Star Wars was right here in our solar system. An evil Empire was being run by a massive central super-computer on Maldek. 

It appears that this was where the “AI Problem” originated. We again hear the date of 500,000 years ago for when this evil super-computer was destroyed. 

The story reveals that the Unholy Six are being run by ancient, massive AI computers that still exist within their worlds, and were connected to the Maldek mainframe.

All of the narratives I’ve been sharing over the years have converged beautifully with the new information I unsealed as I put these books together.  

The AI connection to Darth Vader is obvious. Darth Vader is a human who has been extensively bio-augmented — and requires machines just to breathe. 

Even better, the story of the Jedi and their light sabers neatly mirrors Archangel Michael’s Sword of Light, and the positive Confederation described in the Law of One. 

I even pull a quote from the Law of One that proves these connections are intentional and valid. This is part of why Star Wars resonate with us on such a deep level. 

“Star Wars as a cosmic history lesson” is one very fascinating discussion in Book Six. Then it becomes shockingly attuned to the present. 

Immediately after I sent out Book Five in late July, I realized this year’s crop formations appeared to be connected to the 1999 formations you will soon see in Book Five. 

I posted about this on X / Twitter, showing the stunning connection between the Wicker Basket circle from 1999 in Book Five, and a new one that appeared in 2023. 

Much to my amazement, a significant majority of all the 2023 formations have obvious, direct connections to Michael’s books. You’ll be able to easily see this for yourself. 

I give you an extensive breakdown of the 2023 formations, complete with photographs, showing the fascinating, visual validation of Michael’s words. 


This is truly humbling to witness and be a part of. The quality and depth of the dreams and the readings in Book Six is extraordinary. It’s easily the best one yet. 

I just finished the “final unsealing” of Book Six over the last few days. The tragic Maui fire is clearly predicted several times throughout the book. 

For two years now, I’ve been writing these books — and watching as real-world events are shockingly described in the words I spoke back in the late 1990s. 

This is why I have no fear about where we are, and where we are going. 

We are on the brink of very major changes. They are far more positive than you could dare to imagine. Michael’s prophecies still indicate an imminent time window. 

A crop circle from Italy pinpoints the total solar eclipse of October 14th, 2023 as being a focal-point for major changes to occur. Michael’s own words support that as well. 

This is a fascinating adventure, and it has taken all of my time, energy and strength to finish these seven books over the last two years. 

I should be all set once the big interview goes out, but for the time being, my situation remains as dire as ever. My account is seriously overdrafted — by four figures! 

I took this “personal hit” so that I could make as much time as possible to create these world-changing books for you to enjoy. I am so happy to finally be completing them. 

Your order of this package grants you full access to all seven of Michael’s ebooks, as well as the audio books — as I can make the time to record them. You already have purchased the bundle. So, my request of you is simply to keep supporting as you are able and I make new offerings. Thank you, sincerely. 

This has truly become a “steal of a deal.” When I first put it out there at the same cost, it was only three books — and it has since evolved into seven. 

I have decided to keep it all together to try to make it as accessible and affordable as possible. I do believe reading these books will change your life. Absolutely. 

If what Michael is saying in these books is true, we have very epic and amazing things to look forward to — in the very near future. 

Nothing I’ve ever done before has this level of “wow factor” and urgency. I do believe everyone on Earth will soon find out what these books have to say. 

Michael gives you practical tools on how to make direct contact with his realm, actualize this guidance, and begin co-creating your Ascension today!

Thank you for stepping up and helping me get through this very dark time in my life — by supporting this Divinely-guided work with your order. 

Many readers begin having amazing cosmic experiences and dreams right away. The prophecies are so accurate that all doubt and skepticism quickly disappears. You’ll see. 

Wait until you see these images. They are so beautiful — and sculpted right into a normal crop of wheat!

Thanks again, and I will see you out in the crops for Book Six!


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