After the Fires: Rebirth/Renewal for Lahaina & the Earth 🌞


Hello, my Friend!

I speak often about what Transformative times these are. 

And that can mean a kind of cleansing and letting go that is a shock to the system at times — the Maui fires in the town of Lahaina being an obvious part of that.

This week’s Message reaches out to help explain what is happening — what we may not see, though we’ve intuited a great deal — and to assure us that much help is being extended to Lahaina and her people, both galactic and ancestral.

Maui Fires 💜 Lahaina 💜 Star Nations, Starseed, and Ancestral Healing


In today’s Message, the Collective share

“There has long been an installing and an anchoring of darker energies in that part of the world . . .

“Despite the trauma it caused the local population, in the alchemy of that fire, much was released energetically that those criminal organizations were depending upon.

“These are energetic constructs that one can feel in places in many parts of the world.

“It may seem unbelievable, yet the soul groups of the Hawaiian Indigenous have been meeting in the higher realms and deciding that something had to change there.

Otherwise, the Light they have been anchoring into those islands and all the Earth would not fully take hold in the context of ongoing energetic conflict with the darker energies.

“Now, regarding the crime syndicates and the corporate cooperation with those gangs of suited, high-flying persons who are using Hawaii as a port between East and West for their purposes—releasing the energies of these ones does not come as easily as one might think, because they are backed by dark powers which are happy to support criminal enterprises . . .

“And so as you are looking at these terrible fires, and realizing that there were historical sacred sites, artwork, symbols, and archives in that area which are seemingly lost, as well as human life—

“Keep in mind that when someone leaves the Earth, almost without exception, they have decided to take that particular exit point, and to return Home.

In reality there is no loss, because this Earth life is not fully who you are. . . . “

Go here for the full transcript of this Message, and here for the video version.

I was relieved to hear the Collective say that the etheric blueprint for the Indigenous artifacts, artwork, historical archives, sacred sites, all still exist, so that these can be restored in the physical.

Much was also taken up on the ships. 

These are not easy times.

As our hearts go out to the people of Lahaina and our Earth, these channelings offer a thin thread of Light that we must sometimes focus on to connect with, so as to not fall into despair at the dark goings-on of the old power structure.

Yet we can and we shall, my friend. For this we came!

Sending great Love & Light,

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