18th August 2023. Mike Quinsey.

18th August 2023. Mike Quinsey

The climate changes that are taking place are inevitable as you have entered an area in Space that is of a different energy. If it were not for the fact that you as the Human Race have been held back in your evolution for a very long time, you would in fact have been fully prepared for the changes and not suffered as a result. Even so the future will be a wonderful change to what you have been used to and well worth the problems you have encountered.  We have tried to keep your experiences as normal as possible as you have been unprepared for the depth and scope of the changes. However, as the vibrations begin to lift up you will find that more acceptable energies will begin to replace the lower ones.

As a bright future beckons be aware that you agreed to experience the events taking place so that you were present when the great change occurs, and all that you have experienced would make it well worthwhile. It is a change that does not occur very often, which is why many groups of ET’s have already gathered in your Solar System to experience the event. Many are your friends from earlier contacts and even your families.

Such times as you are experiencing are still part of your necessary growth needed to prepare you for Ascension. Much is going over old ground to ensure that you have understood the reason for your experiences. Realise that all experience is valuable and enables you to continue your understanding of the truth. Sometimes it is hard to distinguish it from false information, and you can be sure that the dark Ones try very hard to keep you in ignorance of it.

Life is really a very serious game in a reality that is false and misleading when compared to the truth. You have largely made it what it is but soon you realise that only the truth will continue to exist and all paths lead to it. It takes people a long time to fathom out what is true as opposed to false, but many of you have a sense of intuition that can point you in the right direction. We of course are always present and try to impress the truth upon you at all times.

Deep down you are more aware than you realise but as we have told you previously, on Earth you have a limited consciousness according to your needs. It allows you to concentrate on the tasks you have been set as part of your life plan. This is where we can give you a lot of help although your freewill choice can still be exercised. Obviously as a soul that moves from one life to another to continue expanding your consciousness,  There is always a purpose in your experiences to help you move on.
You ask when you can expect to see the positive affect of the changes that are occurring, and we cannot say for certain as so much is going on and it is difficult to see the outcome and its effect upon you all. We can certainly tell you that those souls who are working for positive change are being successful and the result will be seen before very long. Much happens behind the scenes and is kept secret to protect those involved.

Climate change is high on your list of prioraties as the whole world is affected and it will take a long time to completely settle down. However that is giving you time to adapt although it is causing great hardship to millions of people. Changes like it have happened periodically all through Man’s presence upon Earth but not on such a large scale. It is the final experience for many of you who have earned the chance to ascend.

It is a time when important decisions have to be made in view of the changes you will encounter, leading you into a new way of life that will give you much pleasure and freedom of choice. In many respects it is as well that you do not carry all memories of previous lives, and the sooner you can clear your history the sooner you will be ready for a new adventure. You will have what you call “a clean slate” and can put your focus on your immediate future.

In the future you will really feel like one big family and there will be little to spoil the degree of happiness that exists. We refer to you as our Brothers and Sisters and each soul treats all others accordingly. See the present situation as “a bump in the road” and it will pass quicker than you possibly imagine, although for many it is an unpleasant experience. We assure you that memories of this time will soon disappear and be replaced by those happiness and joy – it will come for certainty.

Do not worry about friends or family as all we find exactly where they should be and in accordance with their life plan. The power of thought will be such that you will only have think of the person you wish to contact and it will be made, in other words distance will be obstacle to making contact by the power of thought. Life will be quite different to what you are experiencing now, indeed totally different. So you have so much to look forward to that should lift you up and help get you through the present troubles.

Humans need to change their approach to life and realise that it is most wonderful once you leave the lower vibrations behind. However be thankful for the experiences you are having as they have speeded up your growth and helped you on your way to much better things and a great future ahead of you, but just be patient and it will come.

I leave you with love and blessings, and may the Light brighten your days and path to completion. This message comes through my Higher Self my God Self, and every soul has the same connection to God.

In Love and Light.

Mike Quinsey.





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