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Daybreak – Exiting the Old

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Eyes of Love – by Lee Degani

Have you ever had your boundaries violated? This hasn’t happened to me in the longest time, but it certainly did recently! To not be pulled down while taking the action needed, I really had to stay in divine neutrality and heart discern rather than judge. Was it easy? Not every moment. It took conscious decision, mindfulness, harmonization, forgiveness without condoning behavior, and seeing from the Divine perspective.

Putting into practice these Council of Love teachings is an integral part of the Infinite Child program. To activate our third, fourth, and fifth eyes and see with Infinite Light Vision, ILV, which the Divine Mother calls Eyes of Love, we use techniques enabling us to become the observer, have nonjudgment, and heart see. So many of the COL teachings are utilized including reaching a state of Joy which makes the process so much fun! And yes, it is a promise and a given from the Council that the sacred energy brings healing. Using our ILV certainly makes navigating those trying times so much easier!

I so hope you will join us on Aug. 26 and 27 for an amazing workshop, Igniting Infinite Light Vision! Do you hear the Divine Mother calling you? “Come beloved, come and see, see with the eyes of love.”

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Lee and the COL



From My Heart to Yours, All my Love xxx, Linda

Linda Dillon

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