Just being is simply to express the Love that you are.

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As you continue to wait expectantly and perhaps a little impatiently for your awakening, I want to reassure you that the Divine Plan for humanity is unfolding precisely as God intends.  Her Will for you is utter and eternal joy, and therefore that is what you will shortly experience.  Do not be distracted by the collective worldwide egotistical dramas on which the media constantly attempt to focus your attention, it is a distraction that encourages you to look for more of the same, instead of spending time just being!  For the vast majority of you the most helpful, supportive, effective, and powerful way you can spend your timeas you greatly assist in the awakening process truly is to just Be!  No effort is required because just being is simply to express the Love that you are, and doing that is God’s Will and yours.

God’s Will is always achieved, and deep within yourselves you do know this.  However, because of your free will choice to experience unreality – separation from God – when you incarnate in human form your memory of Reality is hidden from you, and you enter a state of amnesia.  The result is that your physical environment – your bodies, objects, and the world around you – appears to be the one and only reality, because that was your intention when you produced it.  And because your self-awareness is focused almost exclusively on your bodies and their senses – your human personal identities – you often believe yourselves to be inevitable, even compulsory participants in many of those dramas.  That arouses a sense of guilt or responsibility – as all are indeed one – and thus many of you strongly desire to assist in bringing them to a closure in order to end the pain and suffering that so many are undergoing.

But as you know, the only way forwards is through LOVE.  Love is All.  Every sentient being is a being created in love from Love by God, Who is utter, complete, and infinite eternal Love.  Love is All that exists and All that will ever exist.  Whatever you experience in form that is in any manner unloving is unreal, an illusion that will disintegrate back into nothingness, into non-being when you collectively choose to awaken in the arising moment of NOW!  You have already made the collective choice to awaken from the drama and nightmare, and vast numbers of you are spending much time thinking about it, discussing what it means, and wondering how you can best assist in bringing it to fruition.  But your human intellects, even the most brilliant ones, cannot possibly conceive of the best way for you to move forwards, or what to expect when you do awaken, as you are so soon to do.

To awaken is to be once more fully and consciously aware in every moment of your Oneness with God, as you live in utter and complete joy.  However, because you use your human forms as a means to attempt to get an impression, a vision of what that means, you also, through your egos, allow fear and doubt to distract you from just being the Love that each one of you is.  Just Be, just be Love by loving yourselves and all sentient life in every moment, and not only for a few moments while you pray or meditate, but constantly, thus allowing your true nature to shine out and express Itself through you.

YOU ARE LOVE, eternally and in every moment of your existence.  Acknowledge that divine Truth, express It, and live It in every communication, interchange, engagement, or interaction with yourself and, of course, with all others.  You are all most beautiful divine beings, but you allow your egos to persuade you that this cannot possibly be true, and so they fill you with intense feelings of unworthiness and inadequacy, and encourage you to compare yourselves regularly to others, either negatively or positively.  To compare yourself to another is utterly meaningless, because you are each unique and perfect divine creations; you can only be you, and I do not think any of you would prefer to be someone else, even if you might admire them greatly.  You are you and that cannot and will not ever change, because you were created to be just who you are.

You are each unique individuals created in the image of God, and so She expresses Herself uniquely through each one of you, but only IF YOU WILL ALLOW HER to do so.  You do have free will, it is part of who you are, and She will never override your will, even if it is used thoughtlessly, unlovingly, fearfully, or angrily, because She loves you absolutely unconditionally in every moment.  Therefore, trust your divine Creator, invite her Love to fill your hearts and embrace you, and then intend to be conduits or channels through which the absolute abundance of Her Love and yours flows constantly to magnificently assist in humanity’s awakening . . . NOW!

Only you, each individual, can express the Love that God wishes to express through you.  Therefore you are each essential and irreplaceable expressions of God.  In allowing Him to express Himself through you, by choosing to be only loving whatever arises, you can begin to really understand that statement from Jesus two thousand years ago “I and my Father are One,” as you become increasingly aware that that statement is also true and valid for each of you.  There is NO separation, there never has been, it is an unreal state that you dreamt up and from which you are soon to awaken.

In these last few moments – do remember that time is a major aspect of the illusion, and is unreal – of experiencing the pain, suffering, and fear with which your egos present you as they continue in their attempts to convince you either that there is no God, or that you are unworthy to be in Her Presence.  Allow yourselves to invite Her to fill your hearts with the intense knowing that She loves you and wants you to feel Her Love, thus dissolving any doubts to which you may still be clinging about your worthiness.

You are Her perfect divine children, that is an unalterable fact and, therefore, there is absolutely no way that you could ever be unworthy to be in Her Presence knowing Her in all Her Glory as your Mother.  Relax into your true nature and know that you will awaken, because no other outcome is even remotely possible.

With so very much love, Saul.


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