Hello, my Friend!

As always, I send much Love and Light in these Transformative times!

August is such a powerful month, energy-wise. The 8-8 Lion’s Gate was the peak point of this powerful portal that begins July 28 and closes again on August 12.

It was especially potent this year, and still is.

We are now on the next higher (sometimes exhausting) level of our Ascension path!

This week’s Message is the live channeling that was offered on the Ashtar Legacy Call on the 8-8 Lion’s Gate.

It offers a beautiful healing experience in one of the chambers of the Great Pyramid of Giza: 

Starseed 💎 Healing with Monoatomic Gold Dust 🌟 Lions Gate Portal 2023

“There’s a beautiful being . . . an aspect of you in the higher realms.

“And they have picked up a beautiful golden goblet, and poured from a beautiful golden flask, and filled that goblet pretty much to the brim with pure liquid gold.

“Now they’ve placed it on a table, a marble table, in the middle of this circle.

“And they are speaking this beautiful energetic language that draws forth the presence of the gold to speak to the energies and the high heart and the higher mind of every single person here.

“So as the particles of that liquid gold fly out—so tiny, these particles, that you probably can’t quite see them, but you can sense them—they’re disseminating out into the air, and they’re reaching the heart-space of everyone . . .

“And you too are intuitively speaking with these beautiful gold particles floating out from this well of liquid gold in this beautiful goblet. 

“And you’re calling forth a sense of your own royalty . . . ” 

Go here for the full transcript of this Message, and here for the video version.

The energies that flow to us while we are in the healing chamber of the Great Pyramid of Giza are amazing, and so healing to the heart.

Listen or read, and enjoy — the energies will flow to you either way.

Much Love & Light, my friend!

P S  The Live Q&As with the Collective have proven to be really popular and helpful to a lot of people, so I’ve started doing more of them.

Next one is this Sunday:

As these powerful solar energies pour in, most of us are dealing with at least one old issue (money, family, relationships, weight, health, old anger, old fears) that’s dogged us for a long time. 

This is a single Live Q&A Call, offered so you can benefit from the answers and energy work offered not only to yourself, but to each person on the Call. 

[This is completely separate from the Abundant Living Program.]

The energies go out to everyone on the Call, whether you’re there live or listening to the recording, and the intentions to heal and finally a situation are magnified many times over by all present. 

Bring or email in one question for the Collective and your Spirit team on any topic you wish, personal or global. ​

You’ll receive guidance, energy work, and energy clearings on that issue, with info on the root of that issue​. 

Your question might be about:

– A family member, friendship, or romantic relationship

  – Your job or life work

  – Feeling sad, anxious, or other dense emotions

  – Soul contracts and agreements 

  – Past life experiences 

  – Your Earth mission or life purpose

  – Clearing energy, entity, and ancestral interferences

  – Money and other Abundance issues

  – Any other issue you would like clarity and energy work for

So go here to reserve your spot now!

  • Choose the Sunday, August 13 Call
  • Then email in your question to AscensionTimes@gmail.com before the live Zoom Call, or ask it live on the Call.

To learn how Q&A Calls work, go here to watch the video below, from a past Q&A.

Please note: These two Q&A Calls will not be posted as YouTube videos. All questions and answers will be shared only among group members. 

If you want to stay anonymous on the Call, just email in your question ahead of time, and request “No names, please!” 

Much Love & Light,


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