You’re a Genius at offering Love: Sol Speak


Hello, my Friend!

As always, I send much Love and Light in these Transformative times we are in.

August will be a powerful month for our Ascension, and not only because of the 8-8 Lion’s Gate — an even more powerful portal into the next phase of our evolvement than usual!

This week’s Message was originally offered as a live channeling on the Ashtar Legacy Call, a wonderful group call held twice a month.

You’re a Genius at 💗 Offering Love 🌞 The Sun Speaks!


In today’s Message, the Collective step back to allow our Sun Sol to come forward to offer powerful energetic support, and to speak about the power of our own consciousness —

That we are toning with the vibrations of the stars and planets — and about our ability to let higher Love lead us before anything else: 

“You might think that as your higher self you [must be] prepared to go out into the world and end all war, end all starvation, end all illness, and this ridiculous “war in space” idea.

End all the divisions between peoples of any kind, all ignorant, or savage, or unnecessary behavior.

Let’s say you’ve done that —

Will you have, in that moment, done something more powerful than what you just did a moment ago, in broadening your heart presence to take in the entire Earth?

And of course, you know the truth of that . . .

A tiny youngster, you never had to struggle to remember why you came in.

You knew the fullness of the power of the vibration of what Love truly was, both the word and the concept, and the reality.

You are, all of you, geniuses in how to offer Love, especially—not only even when, but especially when—a moment is difficult . . . “
Go here for the full transcript of this Message, and here for the video version.

The energies that Sol flows to us in this Message are beautiful and sustaining.

As we ground ourselves in higher Love, and the presence of higher beings, we are always able to rise above the madness of what we see in the media, and in our world.

There is so much more for us than what we have been taught is “real,” and it is beautiful beyond words!

Much Love & Light,

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