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The Blessing & Virtue of Hope

Hope is one of the primary gifts from the Council of Love and the 13th Octave. The theme of Hope is front and center right now. Some folks like to refer to Hope a divine quality – but it is so much more than that. It is exactly what James the Apostle said in the very first initiation to the 13th Octave:

“Hope is the gift of heart-knowing of the presence of God. The ability to understand that very often things on Earth are not as they appear. An ability to pierce the illusion of the veil. The only reason for change. Hope encompasses serenity; total and perfect calm. To be in the world but not of it, to be able to remain centered and still, one with who you are regardless of externals.”

Hope is both a blessing and a virtue – it is a virtue when we anchor  and embody it, but is also a blessing to ourselves and others when we bestow it. How often have we heard that this or that situation or person gives us hope? Hope is both foundational and catalytic. We simply have no oomph to continue on when there is no hope. And, when embraced, hope lifts us to new heights, and births new creations. It is fundamental to the creation of Nova Earth. 

Hope is what we collectively and indivually are yearling for, thirsting for right now. We are in one of those times when so much has changed – we have moved beyond the horizon – we are living in the Mother’s New Normal – and yet in so many ways we feel that not much or not enough has changed, shifted. Time to call upon our infinite wellspring of hope!

If you need a little boost of Hope open your heart and receive as you read these beautiful channels. xxx​​​​​​​



Linda Dillon

Founder, Council of Love


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