New Octave, Star Children + the Invincibility of the Shift


Hello Beautiful  ~

I hope you are doing well! I received an amazing new channeled message this morning! I am writing to share that and just check in, given this potent time we’re in.

Our new Sirian Stargate Initiation program included a Time Jumping experience this week. Wow, was I blown away by my own personal experience of this after channeling it in a Live Event! It is amazing what we can create and co-create when we open to it. I’m having fun integrating my new timeline and already amazed by the different changes I’ve quite naturally made since I jumped. We are so much more powerful than we typically really are aware of…

I’ve not been guided to close the enrollment, so if you would like to join, you still can. Everything is recorded and available for ongoing use. Interested? You can learn more here: SIRIAN STARGATE INITIATION. The program began on July 7 and continues through the Lion’s Gate on August 8.

The energies of this Stargate are still very strong and building. I highly recommend opening to them each day and inviting your Divine Self, to assist you in making the most of them, in your own life.

Archangel Michael tells us, this is a powerful time for spiritual advancement, time jumping, stabilizing your consciousness in higher vibrational expression, and expanding your inner knowing. 

Sirius is known to radiate the vibration of FREEDOM and is associated with liberation.

This is a vibrant energetic time that can support you in shifting out of, or releasing limitations, and expanding into your own higher levels of consciousness.

Ascension is, after all, about you becoming a higher dimensional version of YOU.

Expanding into your Higher Light, is the evolutionary path of All life on Earth. And a lot of progress is continuing to be made in this Shift.

Today’s new message touched me deeply as it talked about the Earth’s continued expansion into the New Octave of Creation and the New Star Children who are being born and how their energy is different and blessing all of us. Please click the link below and gift yourself by reading this new channeling. It is VERY beautiful!
👉  New Octave, Star Children + the Invincibility of the Shift


Blessings and love,

P.S. The Lion’s Gate Event is now also available for standalone enrollment. If you want to register to attend, CLICK HERE.

The Lion’s Gate Event is $44. The event is live on August 8 at NOON pacific time, and recorded. You may join live, or listen later via the audio recording. Everyone who enrolls will get access to the audio recording after the event.


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