my monastic life and earth’s ascension


I am very happy to report that Books One through Five of the Michael Prophecies are ALL now ready for you, today — and the grand finale of the series will be arriving in about a week!

I have spared no expense of time or energy in trying to finish these books for you. I truly believe nothing I do could possibly be more important. Michael obviously thinks so too.

From 1996 to 1999, I regularly dictated words from a source identifying as Archangel Michael into my tape recorder. 

I then transcribed them and, beginning in 1999, posted all of them onto my website at the time. 

Michael’s words have now turned into a series of books that will add up to nearly three thousand pages by the time I am finished. 

I will record everything on high-quality audio, like I’ve done for all of my previous published books — and that’s all included in your offer as well!

The Sybil of Cumae created a similar series of prophetic books in 539 BC. Those three books became the most highly-valued treasures in all of Rome. They predicted the “entire future history of Rome,” including where we are today — and where we are going.

Michael and Lucia make direct references to the Sybilline texts in very fascinating ways. We are witnessing a single initiative, spread out over at least the last 12,000 years of time, by a coordinated intelligence. 

To be totally honest with you — this has been a struggle. Archangel Michael and Friends have guided me to live alone and in poverty for two years, doing nothing but developing this one creative project. 

Two years utterly alone at 8600 feet, with very little money, mostly in severe cold weather, has taken quite a toll on me.

However, the results are richly rewarding. Nothing like this has ever existed before.
It is dazzlingly inspiring.

No matter which of the now-five volumes you start with, you will be completely blown away — almost from page one.

Each book is chock-full of fascinating, contentious and often classified information that I had been holding back — until now. 

Book Three lays it all down with the Alliance, and connects the dots that allow you to see the Big Picture of what is going on in today’s world. 

Book Four is my “dream come true” collection of all the best human-ET contact stories throughout history in the first half — and stunning new prophecies in the second half. 

Book Five has incredible crop-circle tie-ins from 1999 that are now being re-iterated in this year’s formations, as I will reveal in Book Six.

I thought I could finally stop on Five, but after all these new crop formations appeared, I decided to chop it in half and start another one. 

Each book has enough research references to add up to at least one Ph.D. dissertation in size. There is no “Filler Material” whatsoever.

In Book Three, there are dozens of prophetic references to the Chinese Balloon and East Palestine situations. This continues on into Books Four and Five.

This is not Michael “showing off.” He is building your trust that the BIG messages he is sharing with us are also actually true.

Every major geopolitical event of the last two years, as I’ve been doing this, has shown up in not just a few, but often many different places.

I’m holding your discount open on this amazing, celestial work of art for just a little longer — until I can finish the written portions, and then debut it all to the world in a future livestream! 

You can receive the Michael Prophecies here and remember to enter ASCENSION at checkout.

The “Big Picture” of the Michael Prophecies is that we are all going to see the exposure and defeat of darkness on Earth — followed by a stunning Ascension-type experience.

Michael repeatedly predicts that he and his people will reveal themselves to us in a mass UFO contact experience. This may actually happen before the end of this year.

There are VERY BIG THINGS in our future — not years from now, but months from now, and potentially only weeks from now. Michael makes this case very compellingly, particularly by Book Five.

Michael also tells us that these are but the final growing pains in the ‘birth’ of what he calls the “fourth-density” Earth — which is 100 times more harmonious.

You won’t be disappointed. This is a message that profoundly affects the lives of every soul on Earth. 

Michael appears to be saying that some of us will achieve light-body activation in the near future, whereas others will have to wait longer. 

The prophecies are spoken in a multi-dimensional languaging style that teaches you how to activate your own higher centers of awareness. 

Dive in now! By supporting this creative work, you are peeling back the curtain on an incredible new vista — of present and future awareness. 

I do very much need to finish this whole “Divine Assignment,” and get back to some — any — semblance of a normal human life. 

Your financial support not only is of critical assistance in helping me survive over these next few months — it is also your ticket to amazing new insights! 

This is the ultimate Intelligence Briefing — a deeply personal, humbling, tear-jerking, life-transforming experience. 

You will soon want to reach out to the One Infinite Creator like never before — and you will also know WHY. 

Prepare yourself for the Greatest Moment in Human History!

Here you go.  <<<<
Remember, enter ASCENSION at check out. 

I have been forced to move through my own “Dark Night of the Soul” in this process, but the end is in sight! 

We have every reason to be very excited about the future. And as I wrote that, a flock of seven eagles just flew by. 

With love, honesty and truth,

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