21st July 2023. Mike Quinsey

21st July 2023. Mike Quinsey.

There is so much happening in your world you must find it hard to keep up with it, particularly when it affects you personally. People are saying that doomsday is coming because they cannot see any end to the trauma and changes that have badly affected their quality of life. There seems to be no end to the continual changes that are leading many into poverty and severely affecting their quality of life. Some ask why is it all happening now and what is the likely outcome. We wish we could see the immediate it and would assure you that in the long run it will be to your liking, and leave the old unsatisfactory ways of life behind.

There is a greater picture that you cannot see and as the energies continue to rise there will come a time when the light will become stronger, and leave the negative vibrations behind never again to blight your lives. It will be the culmination of humanity’s resolve and determination to remain strong and not give way to the pressures placed upon them. At present success seems a long way off but be assured we are with you all of the time urging you ever onwards. We know you can do it and we will be backing you all of the way so that you do not become discouraged.

Some of you despair at the thought of having to live through such times, but we remind you that you knew what to expect before you took this incarnation. You may not realise it but you were prepared for this lifetime and the part you would play in it. So nothing happens by chance and all is a part of the great plan for Humanity. In other words you have never been left alone to face your challenges and we back you up where possible or permissible. Be assured that all will work out as planned and there is light at the end of the tunnel of darkness. The dark Ones will follow their path and learn whatever lessons they need to rise up.

You normally carry your karma around with you and clear it whenever a suitable opportunity arises. Karma that is required to ensure lessons are learnt is applied when you are ready to handle it and normally assured of being successful. The whole set up upon Earth is something like a school and opportunities are planned to enable you to continue evolving. It is the whole object of each life, and each ones experience determines how much they learn and progress. The goal is to raise your vibrations and move up into the higher levels until you become a Being of Light.

Understand that in the realm of freewill you accepted the challenge to see if you could overcome the interference of the dark Ones and still make progress. Their role is to play the opposition and do all they can to hold you back to see if you can overcome it. It may seem a strange way to do it, but experience has shown it to be the best way that enables Beings of Light to evolve. The beauty of this system is that you will always get more opportunities to achieve success, and clearly we want you to be successful. Generally speaking the Light will always come out on top.

The system is well tried and tested and you always have the opportunity to see exactly what happened in your last lifetime on Earth. It is looked at and discussed with higher Beings who are far more experienced than you are and ultimately decide what you need to learn to continue your evolution. Understand that you are never punished for any mistakes you make on the contrary you are helped to overcome them. On Earth it is a different story because you are still at the stage where punishment is still thought as necessary to make people respond.

So you see that things are so much different on Earth as so few actually understand that at heart each soul is a loving person of unending kindness and compassion. However, some will manage to live up to their beliefs and are like a beacon of Light in the darkness of Earth. Such loving souls are like a magnet to other people who are immediately attracted to them. Historically Jesus was one such soul who taught that you “should love others as yourself” and was a living example of what he preached.

It may sound hard to stay spiritual on an Earth that abounds with negative energies but when you do achieve it you will find it is a lot easier than you imagined. Keeping calm in all situations is extremely difficult as you are often unprepared for what happens. However, you can so to say, pour oil on troubled waters and you will know exactly what to do. Your mere presence is of a healing nature and uplifts other souls who can “feel” your positive energy.

There is no doubt that someone who is of the Light does attract other people who feel good to be around them. The calming and loving energy of such people is a measure of how evolved they are. It is the level that you should aim for so never give up trying and for certain you will eventually be successful. It is interesting that some souls can clearly see other soul’s auras and read them. The colours are meaningful and much like the rainbow run from red to indigo that is the highest vibration. Conditions of the aura can give a health reading and often show signs of impending illness.

There is much to learn about the human body that is remarkable as it self-healing in many instances, but many humans are totally unaware as to how it functions and pay little attention to its needs. However, if you wish a healthy life your body needs looking after and not abused, as otherwise it will catch up with you in later life.

I leave you with love and blessings, and may the Light brighten your days and path to completion. This message comes through my Higher Self my God Self, and every soul has the same connection to God.

In Love and Light.

Mike Quinsey.



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