Child Abuse & Trafficking: The Collective Speak 💜


Hello, Light-filled Friend!

I pray you are well, and integrating these very intense solar energies with more rest and more quiet time.

This Light is sentient, and speaking to us in big ways now! So much density coming up to the surface to be healed.

This is one of the reasons for this week’s Message — a Q&A with the Collective that addresses the very painful issue of child trafficking. 

Child Trafficking: Why So Many Write It Into Their Life Chart – Pt 1

You may have seen or heard of the film Sound of Freedom, which I feel was very well done, offering much honesty without glorifying these crimes, or being explicit in any way. 

Go here for the full transcript of this Message, and here for the video version.

This is only Part One — there will be at least one other channeling on this issue, offering more reasons why someone would write this life experience into their chart before reincarnating.

As this is a very hard subject to speak or to channel on, I ask that if this is not something that you can relate to or allow, just let it go, without feeling the need to email me with anger or disapproval. 

We all have our path, and being children’s advocate and a survivor (and after many years of healing, a thriver) has been a part of mine.

This is not an issue I could turn away from even if I wanted to.

Though this is a very dark and vibrationally dense issue, the Collective and the lovely being who speaks to us of having been enslaved in several Earth lives bring the very great, very positive news that none of us are victims.

We have the power to turn this Earth around with our collective vibration, steering Her and all life on this planet into higher Light, and all the beauty and healing that follow.

Much Love to you, my friend — Namaste!

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