14th July 2023. Mike Quinsey.

14th July 2023. Mike Quinsey.

We are urging you to seek the truth of your being as for so long you have been denied it and used like puppets. It has been deliberate to keep you in the dark as to your true purpose upon Earth. We say again that you are not your body it is only a means by which you can experience life in the material Universe. After it has served its purpose it is discarded allowing the soul to be free one more. Your new etheric body can be controlled by the power of thought, and most souls chose to continue experiencing with it as a new young version of perfection.

What is often missing is the knowledge that when you have reached a certain level of consciousness, you do not necessarily have to experience further lives in the lower vibrations. However, some will volunteer to go back to help lift up those souls who struggle to evolve often simply through lack of understanding or being deliberately mislead. The dark Ones take every opportunity to keep you from the truth and it is a role they play for which they have been appointed because of their karmic responsibility. With their background it is one they play for which they are well suited.

Spiritual progress can be very quick providing you deal with your challenges, but alas many souls find it difficult not to come under the influence of those who tempt them away from the Light. We know life can be tough but as we often point out, you are not given more testing than you can manage. Realise that you are not facing the dark Ones alone and your Guides are always with you doing their best to ensure you respond positively. They are often that quiet voice that prompts you to take the right action when you are challenged.

Life is a game but a very serious one and few realise its true significance.  It is planned to give you the experiences you need to evolve, so when you know that you are being challenged do your best to respond in the right manner. The last thing you should try to avoid is the use of physical force unless you are made to do so to protect yourself or those around you. Often in a difficult situation one soul who is able to keep calm can bring about a sensible solution.

You could be forgiven for thinking that danger is round every corner, but it is not as prevalent as you may think.  You are guided in and out of situations that could be threatening and will only involve you if there are karmic reasons that you should do so. Nothing essential really happens by chance although it may appear that way, as anything of importance to you is always well planned. Take your life lessons to heart as they are experiences that move you further along your pathway to Ascension.

Knowing what makes the world go round means you can help others as you have done. You have a saying “that what goes around comes around” and it means that how you treat others will eventually come back to you. If you are always helpful to those in need you are creating good karma for yourself, the reverse can also apply at some stage in your life. Karma can be carried forward if it is best carried out at that time. If it sounds complicated it is and much thought has to be put into it ensuring it is appropriate.

Yes, countries also have karma that reflects the ambitions and needs they have. Sadly warlike countries bring much sorrow and despair onto their people but realise souls would not be incarnating into such situations unless there was something to be learnt from them. Eventually souls realise that wars achieve absolutely nothing and that peaceful solutions are the best answer. There will come a time when peace will reign but at what cost – clearly Man has chosen the hard way but all paths will eventually lead to completion.

What is important is the continuation of your search for the truth and opportunities to advance will come your way, so be assured that all souls will eventually reach their goal. The effort you put in now will benefit you tenfold even if it is not immediately apparent to you. You have had so many lives where progress has been slow and demanding but it all carries you further forward even if you are unaware of the progress you are making. Take things as they come to you knowing that there is always a purpose for the experiences you have.

Whether you realise it or not you are facing great changes in your life as the old ways are no longer adequate. However, the changes will be planned to help you advance more quickly. Many new innovations are waiting to be introduced and some would have already benefitted you but for the interference of the dark Ones. Be assured that their power is dwindling and many have been removed and will answer for their crimes against Humanity.

We tend to focus on the activities of the dark Ones so that you are aware of their actions to slow down your advancement and keep the truth from you. We say again you are far greater than you imagine and have powers that are just emerging that will carry you forward and through the tough times you are now experiencing. Bear in mind that when you came to Earth you were equipped with the skills or knowledge that would enable you to successfully carry out your life plan. In reality you are a far greater soul than you imagine. Keep calm and spread peace wherever you go and more could not be asked of you. We know how hard it is to hold back your reactions when confronted with negative situations, but by being in control of your emotions you are helping to hold the peace.

I leave you with love and blessings, and may the Light brighten your days and path to completion. This message comes through my Higher Self my God Self, and every soul has the same connection to God.

In Love and Light.

Mike Quinsey.


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