Light Body Activation and Infusion of Higher Dimensional Light

On Friday, July 7, I channeled the  7-7-7 Transmission Experience, from Archangel Michael, Sanat Kumara, the Sirian Archangel Hermes and the Council of Radiant Light.

Working with the Sirian Stargate and the Diamond Light and Diamond Light Energy was SO mind-blowingly, expansive…! To make this more real to you, I thought I would just share some of the post-event reviews:


I could feel the energy before signing up for this event and it was so elevated and expanded I knew it would be something special and it so was! It was very powerful and it opened me up to a tangible sensation of my light body. Tapping into the field even now continues to maintain that high energy feel. BIG things are happening right now and this event is so supportive! – Keiko, Pennsylvania

💖 So Powerful Ailia! WOW! Very tangible energy upgrades -awesome!! Great Gratitude and Appreciation! For me this the most tangible and deepest Light body shifts I have ever felt. – Barbara ZB, Switzerland 

I feel this was so powerful, such strong energies. It was so beautiful and uplifting and to feel loved supported and to help those I love and others, through the light work, and the unity and love was very powerful.  It all resonates so much it was as if this was personal to me amazing. Honoured to know my Divine Self! – Sylvia

💖 The activation and guided meditation were potent! – Alex, Austin, TX

I loved both meditations and have repeated both over the days since the 7-7-7 Syria Stargate event. With each Expect Wonderful event, I feel more connected to Spirit and to the incredible light and powerful energies streaming into Earth’s field. Thank you for this continual support to uplift us all. Karen Masaki, Volcano, HI

💖 The clear explanation of the 7-7-7 energies and how to embody them. I enjoyed the intensity/power of the energies of the event–esp. the two ‘Meditations”… – Anonymous

⭐ Very helpful. very practical. energy was so intense, it took me a while to come back it was first time in my life to have such experience! – Ewa M, Toronto

💖 The explanation about how ascension relates to alignment. The opening activation, which was very powerful and very moving for me, to create my diamond light body/activate it. The information about Divine Will, was new to me and exciting. I liked then being able to apply it right away by doing Light Work with that energy. Thank you for doing this. I find your work inspiring and so beneficial. I appreciate you.  – Anne, Los Angeles

FYI, ~

This energy is still active and I invite you to experience it, and co-create with it, elevating your energy and transforming your life experience!

During our Live, Channeled 7-7-7 Event, we experienced a Light Body Activation bringing this Diamond Light into our Light Body and working with it to experience a merged activated Light Body: Unity of Spirit.

Diamond Light is magnificent, very fine crystalline energy, that can attune us to our own I AM Presence.

We also experienced a guided meditation where we worked with Divine Will and learned more about the power of this force in our Universe and how to invite it in, and allow it to lift us up and help us to make our lives work, easier, and better.

The current incoming energy is building to the 8-8-8, the Lion’s Gate. Now is an amazingly powerful time to prepare for that, anchoring in higher levels of our vaster wholeness and expanding into higher light.

To support you in this, wee’ve made the event recording available now, if you’d like to receive the Light Body activation and the attunements in the Guided Meditation.

The event is just under two hours long, and is powerful and empowering.

The Diamond Light energies are strongest right now.
If you want to receive these transmissions, the recording is now available:

BUY NOW: 7-7-7 Activating Transmissions ~ $44 USD
Once you complete your purchase, you’ll immediately receive a confirmation of payment. Look for a separate email from me, to follow shortly after that, with all the details to access the recording and some further resources for working with Stronger Higher Light  Energy.

People tell me after events like this, that the sense of connection, and expansion is amazing. The loving support of non-physical energy is REAL.

There is so much support here for you — for what you want to experience, become, create and expand into.

To your ever-expanding joyful embodiment…


P.S. The 7-7-7 Activating Transmission Experience is part of a larger program that starts with this event. This program is still open for enrollment and our next Live Transmission Experience is a Time Jumping Event! Want in? Get all the details here:


This full program includes the recording of the 7-7-7 Transmission Experience which all those reviews are about… You’ll get access to that after purchase and then details for joining our next event, on July 17.

We’d LOVE to have you with us.

These are the times we’ve been waiting for. EXPANSIVE, transformational experiences of an entirely different dimension, are available now…

But you have to open to them..!
Hand on your heart and ask: IS THIS FOR ME?



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