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09 July 2023

Hello fellow Soul Travelers,

We are on the brink of powerful transformative changes in many directions.Kuthumi and others have spoken of these and now they’re here. Changes in the planetary energies filtering through to us, picked up by our Soul, filtered through the Etheric body before being ‘downloaded’ to us through our higher chakra system. This is causing physical changes within as our DNA and cellular structure expands. Some effects you may experience include dizziness, slight headache, unsettled sleep, over active mind as well as tiredness. Humanities frequencies are being upgraded to allow stronger intuitive abilities. As Master Kuthumi explained in his latest channel the planet Sirius is of importance at this time of humanities evolutionary process. Yet added to this we have the dark ones trying to pull us back to a life of lower dominance and control. I think many are aware of this. So strength is needed to rise above and to act with righteousness. Master Kuthumi speaks of this and more in his latest channel – The Trilogy of your Soul – Will – Mind. To obtain balance and self overview Kuthumi and Lynette provide the meditation Soul Evolution Direction which is available. The link is below.

Things will begin to slow up as planets turn retrograde including Saturn, Venus, Neptune, Pluto, Jupiter on Sept. 4, Mercury on August 24 and Uranus late August. Quite a line up. By end of August we will have six planets retrograde. This is big, YET a golden opportunity for humanity. When planets are retrograde it’s a time provided by the cosmos for taking an overview, pausing and readjusting our thinking and goals. A time of releasing any unwanted life conditioning too. So you see, it’s all good. However actions will slow, correspondence may be lost, and computers will be best to be backed up in the coming 2 weeks.

The Earth is experiencing weather extremes. As we have said before humanity and Earth are energetically linked. Just as we are experiencing changes, so is Earth. But… as the Earth must deal with time cycles it also has to deal with humanity using Earth as a dumping ground and destroying needed forests. You can help. Begin objective partitions to logging and..DA DA…plant a tree.

Til next time

Blessings of Light/Love to each of you

Lynette, Michael, Master Kuthumi and all of The Great White Brotherhood

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Light Blessings to each of you as we join in the shift, a leap of faith

Lynette, Mike, Kuthumi and The Great White Brotherhood



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