7-7-7 Stargate, New Message & an Invitation


Hello Beautiful  ~

Welcome to the Sirius Gateway! 

With today’s New Moon in Cancer, this Stargate Opened.  Wondering what this really means? I received a wonderful new channeled message that explains more about this annual alignment, and specifically how it’s serving our evolutionary potentials this year — which is to say, IN A BIG WAY!

I got the inner nudge last week that the 7-7-7 alignment on Friday, July 7, was BIG, but I had no idea HOW BIG. It’s BIG!~!!

And I am SO excited about it. And my inner sense of the joy and fun we’re about to have!

I’ve been channeling, today, FOR HOURS.

I’m amazed by the energy coming in already.

There is an exponential accelerating quality to the energy. As we worked with it and set the synergistic field (more on this in the linked message below) everything just kept accelerating, and expanding.

Even as I say this and am thinking about it right now, I feel the energy within me doing it again — accelerating and expanding. It’s WILD. And pretty cool feeling. Although I’m definitely a bit buzzy!!!

Archangel Michael and friends had a lot to say, delivered what feels to me, like an awesome new program (REALLY GIVING US A LOT OF DETAIL ABOUT WHAT IS GOING TO HAPPEN).

Then they worked with me on initiating this field, so it’s LIVE and juiced up and they’re IN IT, to support us.

Do you feel how loved we are? All this, so we might make the most of the time between now and the Lion’s Gate in August.

How great is that? And also?

This is, I’m being told, an INITIATION. 🔥

This time. These energies. The program the Angelic Ones are offering. ALL OF IT, is INITIATING US, into higher dimensional energies and HIGHER SELF awareness…

Know that you can already connect with this field and energy by calling upon Archangel Michael & the Council of Radiant Light and asking for them to connect you to the Sirian Stargate Initiation. My sense is I will connect to this field of energy daily now.

We’ll be working more with all this, in our live, 7-7-7 Event Friday and in the new program that includes that…

And they’re also saying that this is a time, for timeline jumps! For stabilizing our connection with our Divine Self, and abundance and discovering our inner connection to ONE POWER… 

I think you’re going to like this. (It rather SOARS!)

👉 The 7-7-7 Stargate, Your Evolution and an Invitation

More soon.
There is A LOT going on right now…

And all of it is supporting and benefitting US. Bask in it friends.
And feel the LOVE.

Blessings and so much LIGHT!

☀️The energies streaming into our world are so uplifting and clarifying right now.

Give yourself some time to rest in them, deliberately aligning and opening, asking for all the energy and information that serves you now! Tapping into this powerful day and allowing the pure positive energy to fill you up, and lift you!!


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