You all have a divine purpose on earth, Right Now!

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As everyone on Planet Earth is well aware enormous changes in the way you interact with each other and with the planet herself are urgently needed, and even as we speak these changes are being put into effect.  Yes, the various media outlets constantly attempt to focus your attention on the crises and disasters, the pain and suffering, and the endemic deceit and corruption world-wide, and they are very successful in this.  However, their success is also their failure because they are successfully and effectively drawing peoples’ attention to the intense need for change in numerous areas, and as a consequence every day more and more people are choosing to offer love to one another instead of continuing to live in fear.  Love is your nature, as you well know or you would not be reading or listening to this, and to live lovingly transforms those who make that choice and also those with whom they interact.  Your loving intentions are very effectively bringing about the essential changes that are necessary because of the immense power of those intentions as you put them into practice in your own personal lives.  You cannot change the world, but you can and are changing yourselves by choosing only Love.  When you do just that – just set the intent to be only loving – you also, naturally, by the way you live, actually demonstrate Love in action, thus enormously increasing the power of your individual energy fields.  It is this power flow through your energy fields which flows out from you constantly – it is your life force – to infinity in every moment of your eternal existence that transforms all with whom it comes into contact, including, of course, the world in which you are presently experiencing life.

You all chose to be here now to do just this, and you are succeeding magnificently, even if you presently get very little sense of it.  But, if you will pay attention to how you feel in every moment by practicing living mindfully, you will start to become aware, despite the extreme mood swings that many of you are presently undergoing, that you most definitely are feeling more at peace with yourselves, and more accepting of your lives as they unfold before you, just as you intended they should before you incarnated for this most amazing earth life experience.  Right now you are all precisely where you need to be, doing and being precisely what you need to do and be, even though it may well seem to you that others, of an apparently more powerful spiritual nature, are are way ahead of you in assisting in humanity’s awakening process.  Nothing could be further from the truth – you are all magnificent beings doing magnificent work, so please cease comparing yourselves negatively with others who appear to you to be living and demonstrating a higher and more effective way of living.  Just know that you are all living beautifully just as intended and bringing the awakening to its inevitable and most joyous conclusion.  If you would listen to your intuition, which is always available to offer you holy guidance and information, you would find it very positively drawing to your attention the truth that you are most beautifully following the paths you planned for yourselves prior to your present incarnations.  Therefore, trust yourselves, God does, and He knows how utterly trustworthy you all are.

To trust yourselves is to live as the sovereign beings that you all are and allowing your intuition – not your egos – to guide your thoughts, words, and actions without fear or anxiety about what others may think of you.  You owe it to yourselves and to Mother/Father/God to honor yourselves as She does.  You all have a divine purpose on earth that was divinely assigned to you before you incarnated, but, because of the amnesia into which you were immersed on arrival in human form, it is very difficult for you to have confidence in that truth.  And your egos are constantly distracting you with anxious ‘what if’ thoughts about what others may think of you, and encouraging you to say or do things that others will at least not disapprove of.  Those others are dealing with very similar ego-driven fears and anxieties.  In order to please your egos, and those that your egos either fear or from whom they seek approval, you will often find yourselves feeling a need to disapprove of or be in conflict with others who have different beliefs or opinions, which as you well know leads to judgment, hatred, and conflict – FEAR guiding and directing vast numbers of humans!  This has lead very naturally to the eons of conflict recorded in your human history.

Humanity has had enough hatred, violence, and conflict, all as a result of the ‘game’ of separation in which you have been engaged since you chose to experience life as severely limited beings in form.  That game is in its closing stages, and as it is brought to its moment of termination, vast amounts of stored negative energy that the collective ego has accumulated over the eons needs to be brought to awareness – some of it is being acted out right now as your MSM never tire of drawing to your attention – thanked and released so that it may dissolve back into the nothingness from which it seemingly arose.  It was all a massive aspect of the illusion which humanity chose to believe was real in order to experience separation.  It existed for but the briefest of moments, although within the illusion it seems that it has always been a permanent part of the physical environment.  In the Presence of Love it just disintegrates as though it had never existed – AND IT NEVER DID!

As you spend your essential daily quiet time going deep within to your holy inner sanctuaries, invite and allow Love to fill your hearts, as It most certainly will.  It is Mother/Father/God embracing you and revealing Yourselves to yourselves as the One with Her that you are and always have been, without even a moment’s interruption.  You and God areforever united in a divine and eternal relationship, and the knowing of that divine Truth is finally arising into your conscious awareness.  Until now, in order to play the game of separation, you had to keep it hidden.  Yes, you chose to be unaware, and now you have reversed that choice and have chosen to know yourselves once more as you truly are – eternally One with and in the Presence of Mother/Father/God, which is your eternal Home.

With so very much love, Saul.


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