JFK JR and Heightened Vibrations


In my last email, I boldly proclaimed to you that I would finish Book Five by Independence Day, July 4th, 2023.

Uh-oh! Since then, I have worked as many hours as possible, every day, and I am still only a third of the way done with my final unsealing and editing pass!

Michael seemed to have known about the pace of my completion, well before I did: 

I just unsealed the writings for Book Five…I opened up what I recorded from Michael on July 1st, 1999—he acknowledges the completion of Book Three and Four within the same month:

Two books! After this and after that, you did so well.

And now you are ready for a surge.

I just wanted to share this coincidence. 

Check this out:

The material in Book Five features multiple dreams and readings that predicted the tragic loss of JFK Jr. in advance. His loss was announced on July 16th, 1999.

These prophecies are amazingly integrated with the activities of another relative today.  

Yesterday morning, I had still only unsealed Book Five up to July 29th, 1999, and I knew I had told you I would be done in two days. Book Five is the second half of 1999.

I had no idea what to do…

Within minutes, as I kept unsealing, Michael had written me a “Get Out of Jail Free Card” in 1999, which I will hand in to you now: 

“Assassinations which bind and which terrorize will soon become a thing of the past.

The next four days have many opportunities for you to reproduce this instrument as finely as possible, under a much heightened set of vibrations.

Hence you see the vibratory ray of violet expressed as the physical vehicle, in this sense.

You may indeed drive in it —

but Grandfather, symbolically speaking, has not said that it is yours yet.”

And this is important.

After predicting a rapid move toward world peace, Michael tells me I have “many opportunities” in “the next four days to reproduce this instrument as finely as possible.”

This was clearly talking about how the completion of Book Five will also complete Michael’s messages for you to read…

Then I will have “reproduce[d] this instrument” of Archangel Michael’s actual teachings.  
Michael also said I will do this “as finely as possible, under a much-heightened set of vibrations.” 

We are most definitely seeing “much-heightened [negative] vibrations” today.

Grandfather, another code-name Michael uses for himself, tells me I have not earned the “violet vehicle” yet — though I can “drive in it.”

Michael was referring back to a dream I had from this same morning, as reported in Book Five, where my grandfather allowed me to drive a gorgeous purple van, but I didn’t own it yet.

As you will see in the books, hovercars show up as purple vehicles more than once. This is a symbol of the coming transformation of our society that Michael is predicting. 

It’s also another of countless prophecies of the hovercar company that Michael guided me into co-founding – Stavatti Aerospace. All of this has clearly been guided “from above.” 

If I look at “the next four days” from today, July 3rd, that puts us out to Friday, July 7th. I do think I can finish Book Five by then if I stay focused. I will be fascinated the entire time.

These books use hundreds of accurate prophecies to build credibility for the main message. Michael and his people are going to see us in person. Very soon.

By 2025, Michael reveals that some of us will start visibly glowing once our “First Wave” of Ascension is complete. We will then gain stunning new abilities.

Not everyone will have this happen to them. Only those who have prepared themselves!

I do believe this is true — and Michael’s words are the best resource available to help you spiritually prepare yourself to be ready for this stunning Ascension.

Between now and Friday, I will keep our “steal of a deal” discount open for you a little longer — so you can personally begin experiencing the power of Michael’s words. Get the offer, here.

Remember to enter ASCENSION at checkout for the offer that is ONLY available until I finish book 5! Which (according to Michael) will be this week! 

The series is now five books, and as soon as I finish Book Five, I will begin recording the audio versions, which will be released every Sunday until they are done.

Until I dig out of Book Five and finish it, this is all I’m going to be doing. If I don’t quite make it by Friday, it will still happen very soon thereafter!

Thank you again for your support, which we still urgently need to navigate our own immediate personal challenges. We love you!


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