Q&A with the Collective – NESARA, Transformation, Ascension


Greetings, Beautiful Light Being! 

I pray you and yours are well.

Yes, these energies are a bit overwhelming at times.

Yet they are reaping the very shifts and changes you and I have been calling in for many lifetimes.

In this week’s Message I speak with the Collective in a Q&A format, asking just your basic, everyday questions —

About Disclosure of the ET presence, when NESARA’s going to happen and how that’s unfolding, and how you and I can Ascend:

COR: My friends, I know you can’t give us any actual dates . . . but if you could tell us where we are regarding NESARA’s unfolding, any information there would be greatly appreciated!

THE COLLECTIVE: We speak [energetically] on this subject with all who are open to such, though mainly in their sleep state.

So that that aspect of a person’s spirit and psyche, so powerfully connected to their soul, and fully aware of their Earth mission, takes in the coded information energetically.

These are “updates” you might say, that are not only relevant to your own energetic transmissions and evolvement, but relevant to what is occurring on the Earth now, and all around Her. And in various places in the Universe where much is being decided by galactic councils.

Some of you sit on those councils, and are meeting nightly with those who are highly instrumental now in furthering the unfolding of NESARA.

So in reality, on a deep level, you already know what is happening!

You know that more of the perpetrators of the old power structure are being taken off planet, with substitutes (clones, solid holograms, or “look-alikes”) put in their place. These will also be removed in future.

That future is not far away.

It is already occurring, and this is another subject, as Time on the planet is speeding up to where it will soon no longer exist as you have known it . . . 

Go here for the full Message, and let me know what you think! 

If there are questions that you would like the Collective to answer, please do email them to me!

Personal questions are something that the “Just One (or Two or Three) Question(s)” recorded channelings are for — you can learn more about those here.

The bigger, more global questions that concern all of us are great springboards for the weekly MTLs, so send one in, if you have one!

Much Love to you, my friend — Namaste!

And a Special Request . . . 

Many of you know our friends who are White Knights of the Ashtar Command, Rama Berkowitz and Tara Green.

They offer amazing insights, higher dimensional perspectives, and one-of-a-kind news reports on their BBSRadio.com shows each week, without fail.

This is due to the amazing contacts that Rama has, including Archangel Michael and the Forces of Light.

In fact, for more than 50 years, Rama has been a man on a mission, bringing us news and information we can trust—information banned from the mainstream media.

For the past 15 years, Rama and his wife Tara have broadcast their news programs three days a week on BBSRadio.com, providing crucial information about what’s really going on in the world.

Rama is a potent news source.

On any given day, he might get a phone call from Malala Yousafzai, Thom Hartmann, Amy Goodman, Ed Snowden, the Dalai Lama, Michelle Obama, Senator Bernie Sanders, and many other independent journalists and Washington insiders, some with information so sensitive that they can only identify themselves by using code names.

Every week, these brave people update Rama on what’s really happening—at the United Nations, in higher government, in the media, behind the billionaires’ closed doors, and more.

Rama and Tara then relay the information to the world on their BBS Radio programs, and on their hour-long conference calls, to answer listeners’ questions. 

Working with honest, well-informed insiders around the world, Rama is working every day to support the announcement of NESARA Law.

All politicians and mainstream media members are under gag orders to never speak of that law publicly.

Rama and Tara are its only public spokespersons. Enacting this law is incredibly important work.

But that work is endangered at the moment, because the engine of Rama’s 20-year-old car badly needs intensive repairs just to keep going for a while longer, till a reliable used car can be found.

Rama’s mechanic, who is a good friend, needs to install a new catalytic converter, which costs $1,000, so the car will move again. (They send great Thanks to all who helped with the recent $400 for a repair!)

The car also needs a new muffler (which will cost between $100 – $200), plus a few other repairs that require more parts and labor.

If Rama isn’t free to travel 20 miles from his home every day, to where he can speak with his contacts on an encrypted phone, or meet with them in person, his work is almost completely put on pause.

This means that the invaluable and incredibly insightful, not-available-elsewhere News Reports that Rama offers on his and Tara’s BBS Radio shows are constantly up in the air, until a much better car can be found, with the current car requiring serious repairs in the meantime. 

Their mechanic has warned Rama that the car is dangerous to drive, and is keeping an eye out for a good used car for him.

So Rama & Tara’s Light community are now asking for donations to fix the car they have now, and to get a much better used car, so that Rama doesn’t have to walk 6 miles a few times a week to buy groceries, and so that he can travel each day to do his work.

As the car is 20 years old, it will keep breaking down as it has been doing for the past year or more.

They are looking to buy a decent used car that is far more reliable, since Rama must travel daily for his work, speaking on an encrypted cell phone line.

Rama and Tara have spent decades working to protect the rights and freedom of others.

They have no savings, no private health insurance, are retired, and live in the simplest ways possible. They often go days without food each month due to lack of funds, while staying fully involved in their work.

If you’re aware of the changes we’re happening in our physical, mental, and emotional lives, aware that the very fabric of our world is changing . . .

If you’re inspired by the healing of our planet, and the movers and shakers of real change . . .

And if you’re tired of the power grab by corporations and governments, low wages, environmental ruin, mass incarceration, and other crucial issues . . .

Then please lend a hand to help these brave truth seekers!

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Thank you for giving whatever you can to support Rama & Tara’s life and work at this crucial time! 

Your gifts are met with a ton of straight-from-the-heart gratitude!


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