THIS IS IT! Michael Prophecies Book Four is Done, Five is Coming in a Week!


I’ve been working non-stop for your enjoyment. The Michael Prophecies collection has now doubled — from two books to now four out of five!

Start the countdown! With this email, I am giving you notice: 

I will FINISH Book Five by July 4th, 2023 — Independence Day!

Between now and then, you can secure all five of the ebooks, plus all five of the audio books, at a rate that will never be this low again — after Book Five is finished.

If you’ve been on the fence and thought about jumping in, this is your last chance to get involved at such a comfortable entry rate.

If what Archangel Michael is saying in these books is true, we are now less than two years away from utterly world-transforming events.

Additionally, we can expect “Very, Very Big Stuff” well before the end of this year. If I go into detail, you’ll never end up seeing this.

Evil is being exposed and defeated with the help of Archangel Michael, his angelic host, and the ground crew of the Alliance here on Earth.

That may sound ridiculous until you actually read the books. Then you’ll see.

The main focus of all five books is that evil is being stopped in its tracks. There is indeed a Higher Power that loves us profoundly — and is making sure we are safe.

The future apparently involves the direct manifestation of human ETs — who will now openly share their lives, technology and spirituality with us as a planet.

Ascension is coming – on a rapidly-approaching future timeline. Michael’s words help you prepare yourself for this all-defining event – on every level. Body, mind and spirit. 

The main text of these five books was dictated via remote viewing in 1996-99. I honestly had no idea what most of the readings said. It has taken me eighteen months to integrate them.

Although I do feel that each book is incredible, Books Three and Four have now become the spiritual core of the message — with Book Five as a brilliant summary.

Without giving too much away, in Book Five you will see some incredible crop circles that Michael was analyzing in his readings as they appeared in 1999 England.

Michael produced one intriguing crop formation that integrates flying saucers, Christianity, Archangel Michael and the Egyptian winged disc – all in one very clever design. 

Another formation appeared on July 4th, 1999 — and is incredibly prophetic of Archangel Michael, the Holy Grail, the womb, and the Trumpet of the Archangel.

In Book Three, we find out that events like Covid actually prevented extinction-level events from sanitizing the surface of the Earth.

Instead of the dreaded “Pole Shift,” Michael explains how his people will protect us, and our planet, as our Sun releases the “First Wave of Ascension.”

There are now over two thousand pages of material to read, even before Book Five comes out on Independence Day. And to me, they are spine-tingling and tear-jerking words.

Michael is much easier and smoother to read, overall, than the Law of One. And I haven’t even tried to count the number of prophecies. There are dozens of them in each book.

In Book Three, Michael reveals that his people will show up in a fleet of UFOs over the White House at some point in the near future — perhaps even later this year.

As outrageous as this sounds, Michael has predicted our present moment with stunning clarity. Everything I transcribed from 1996 through 1999 is informing us about our present – and future.

The Alliance has also routinely signaled their understanding and acceptance of Michael and his words. There are multiple, jaw-dropping examples in the books that I can’t reveal here.


In Book Three, I have unveiled my long-awaited analysis of the Alliance. You will now be able to “read the tea leaves” — and understand what is REALLY going on in the world.

This analysis perhaps should have been featured in Book One. It makes everything much easier to understand if you weren’t already read-in on the Alliance.

In Book Three, I also reveal my highly-anticipated meta-analysis of psychopathy — and the scientific studies into the brain abnormalities that are associated with it.

I believe I am the first person on Earth to have combined this many studies together into one master list — of seventeen different brain regions affected by psychopathy.

I take you through each brain region that shuts down. Once you learn what these brain regions ‘do’ for your thinking process, you finally understand why psychopaths behave so negatively.

Perhaps even more fascinating is the discussion of neuroplasticity. As I went through many scientific studies, I discovered that we grow new brain tissue — constantly.

If you ever wanted scientific proof that yoga, meditation, breathwork and exercise can heal, upgrade and transform your brain function, look no further. This is it!

Each of the five books are also loaded with prophetic dreams that are fully analyzed. This will greatly increase your “dream vocabulary” – and help you decode your own messages.

This is a last-minute discount offer! It will ONLY remain this inexpensive up until July 4th! After I finish Book Five, the price will reflect that it is a Finished Product – at least in PDF form.

Once your Book Five PDF is complete, I will immediately begin cranking out your audio versions of all five books. These sweet MP3s are also included with your order! It’s all one product.

This audio could easily take me a month to complete. It takes me a whole week to create about 20 hours of finished audio and release one 500-page published book — and now I’ve got five.

I will release your new MP3 audio books as I go along, Section by Section. 

Every Sunday, you will have new Michael Prophecies to take you through the Cosmos — beginning on July 9th, 2023.

You will continue enjoying stunning new audio files each Sunday – until I have recorded and released all five of the books! This may take up to six weeks. I’m not sure yet.  

These MP3s will become cherished heirlooms you can listen to again and again.

Michael’s words bring me to tears of joy and inspiration. You will be very impressed.

I also have driven myself into an extremely precarious situation by taking this much “time off” — eighteen months now — to work almost solely on this one project.

I only have enough liquidity for food at the moment. It’s that bad. When you step up, you’re helping me rehabilitate my life, get back on YouTube, and recover from this epic workload.

I haven’t even started telling you all the amazing revelations in these books. I have now cranked out enough new material to create years’ worth of movies, TV series and paid courses.

It took me six years of Wisdom Teachings episodes to pore through all the data that I crammed into one 500-page book, Source Field — and this is FIVE books!

None of these five books were skimped on. Each one is singularly INCREDIBLE. I am releasing tons of new intel and information that I’ve been holding onto for years.

Spiritual realities, positive and negative, are unveiled with stunning new clarity. And it is sunlight that sanitizes the darkness, my friend. 

You can begin taking this journey, right now — by diving into Michael’s liquid oasis pool of spiritual freshness — and the beatific certainty of a glorious future!

Don’t miss your chance to lock in this great rate — and help a courageous hero and friend regain his stability, dignity and peace of mind!

I don’t stick my hand out. I offer you high-quality information, stunning data analysis, and incredible words of inspiration, beauty and love — from a provably higher source.

Thank you for stepping up and supporting this brave, world-transforming initiative! I’ll see you inside the Michael Prophecies! Prepare for Transformation!

Visit this page, and enter ASCENSION at check-out for a discount.

Gratitude and light,

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