Selacia’s Solstice Process

Selacia’s Solstice Process

Energize Your Life at Solstice

Hello friends,

Today I’d like to give you potent process to energize your life at Solstice.

We are half way through the year. With Solstice here, the half way point is more than a linear marker. It can indeed be a pivot point for you and humanity at large. Powerful energies are sitting in your field at Solstice. It’s more than one day, of course, for these helpful energies are available before and after Solstice. Most likely you have felt these, or you have awakened recently with an auspicious dream or two.

Below is my Solstice Process you can work with now and over time as your intuition guides you. I suggest finding a quiet spot and carving out at least 15 minutes to work with this. Know that you can always return to the process for more and deeper insights.

Selacia’s June 2023 Solstice Process

To be sure, energizing your life can and needs to be done on an ongoing basis. However, Solstice is a potent doorway for change and transformation. At a time like this, it may be easier to connect with information from your past that needs to be looked at in a new way before you can move forward in a more powerful way. Solstice is also like a door opener that can help you tune into yourself more deeply – seeing things you may have overlooked or undervalued.

  1. Preparation: find a quiet spot away from interruptions. Give yourself permission to turn off the world – and your thinking mind – for a few minutes. If desired hold a favorite crystal or apply an essential oil you associate with transformation.
  2. Settle in: close your eyes and drop down inside your heart. Take 3 deep breaths in/out to relax, center and ground.
  3. Intention: set your intention to be open to new information and new ways to look at yourself and your life. This is important, for you want to avoid bringing any ego-agenda into this process. As a reminder, your ego-self is rooted in fear and lack. It has an agenda – so won’t be able to discern or fully receive the benefits of what you may discover.
  4. Hold space and relax: you now benefit from holding space for yourself – to relax and go deeper. This will allow you to receive fully from your higher awareness (e.g. your Higher Self or higher wisdom). This wise part of you will understand context, and can discern divine timing of what you benefit form receiving now. If you don’t feel relaxed enough – with your mind, intentionally let go.
  5. Invite your higher awareness to reveal what you need to experience. Examples: new insights about a longstanding issue, expanded understanding of who you really are at your core, a milestone you can celebrate now, something you have been holding onto that needs to be released to move forward. Avoid overthinking (that’s your ego), simply receive what comes, even if you don’t consciously recognize it now. Sit there for a few minutes or longer as you connect with an energetic boost and support that can help you change your life trajectory in a positive direction.

About The Solstice Gateway

Here’s some background on the Solstice Gateway. This will give you context for energies you may experience and transformational shifts available to you. Let me know how it goes!

  • We have 2 Solstice Gateways annually – June 21 and December 21. They are called “gateways” because of powerful energy available to facilitate spiritual transformation on a personal level and catalyzes changes across society.
  • Solstice Gateways are a powerful time for meditation, inner work, reflection, and setting intentions. These energies are available for several days before and after Solstice. For this reason, my June global meditation – this year on June 17 – was one opportunity to draw from these powerful energies.
  • Use this Solstice Gateway to focus on rebalancing and clearing what blocks you from living your best life. As part of that, don’t be surprised if buried feelings and old memories come to the surface for your exploration and healing. For sensitives, you may feel the energy boost of the Solstice Gateway – as you become present to it, you can tap into insights you need to transform and go forward.

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For More Energetic Support 

Participate with me in 1-on-1 personal support and astrology sessions for deeper work during which I hold the space for you and guide your exploration and transformation.

Attend my monthly global meditations that include guided process for life insights and healing of current challenges and old wounds.

If you participate in my Divine Changemakers “ReAnchor Yourself – Live Your Truth” course, I suggest working this month with our tools (e.g. Field of Possibilities and ReInvention).

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Coming in July: ReAnchor Yourself Reset

My Divine Changemakers “ReAnchor Yourself” course July Reset is scheduled for July 9-15. Open to all registered in the course described more below. Resets are a hands-on way to become more familiar and practiced with course materials. The Reset is recorded so you have an ongoing resource for navigating your path and receiving life insights. Reset registration here.

Feel free to contact me for more information, and to let me know if a certain article, meditation, or process has been helpful.

Thank you for being a part of my life journey in these auspicious moments, and for your ongoing support!

May love and success be yours,



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