23rd June 2023. Mike Quinsey


23rd June 2023. Mike Quinsey.

Your destiny is still very much in your own hands as the collective energy will determine exactly what you will experience. Our presence and influence will direct you onto a path that leads to fulfilment and upliftment. However, the outcome depends on your reaction to the higher energies that we send you, hoping that they will open your mind to a greater future where all life is in harmony, one where you can become as One Great Light in the Universe. Your present level leaves much to be desired, but many souls have responded to the higher vibrations and are well on their way to take their place where the negative energies can no longer exist. It is every soul’s destiny to reach such a level but you must first prepare yourself.

You may ask what can you do to lift up your vibrations, and we say treat all souls as you would have for yourself giving unconditional love. We know it is difficult to achieve that level of control, but once you have set your mind on achieving it you will find it so much easier to maintain. It means accepting each soul as they are realising that in essence they are no different to you. It is a path that all must follow at some stage in their growth if they wish to leave the lower vibrations behind.

As soon as you make the decision to lift yourself up your Guides can draw closer to you and give you much help to ensure you keep on your chosen path. The dark Ones will continue to cross your path and do all they can to distract you from it, but once you have set your mind on ascending you become confident of your ability to stand firm and not be taken off your chosen path. You will find peace within yourself and the strength to remain in the light regardless of obstacles that are placed in your way.

After many, many lives you have earned the right to advance on your spiritual path and reach your goal. When you do so you will be able to look back and see exactly how you made progress. Living in all kind of situations as man or woman, rich or poor the different roles are endless, but at the end of the day the important thing is that you came through it and carried your experiences forward and put them to good use. You are what you are today as a result of your numerous experiences over millennia of time.

Clearly you are so to say programmed for each life and given the attributes you needed to successfully fulfil your life plan. Every soul has one otherwise there would be no point in living out life after life without an objective in mind. It is all about spiritual advancement so that eventually you could rise up having learnt all the lessons placed before you. We know it is hard for you to throw off old ways of living life, and having to repeatedly confront the dark forces who test your resolve to reject their approaches.

It is not until you return to the higher realms that you are able to see the greater picture of your recent lives when you review your last one to see what you have achieved and whether it was in accordance with your life plan. There is no way of hiding from the truth so you can see every little up and down and that means reliving the moment. You will know what you still have to learn so that it can be incorporated into a future plan. So you see that your life is planned to help your ever onward evolution. Of course other souls are also involved with your progress and your life plans are carefully arranged for that purpose. Nothing happens by chance even so it may seem to be that way.

When you are positive and help others your object is not to be rewarded yet it does often happen that way because what you do for others is also done for you, it is the Law of Attraction. So be careful what you do and realise that nothing can be hidden as eventually only the truth exists. You have no need to worry or fret about other people’s actions, because all is brought out into the open when their life is also reviewed. It may sound restricting but all souls have to live by the same “rules” and as you might say “no one gets away with it”.

Simply live your life where you see all souls the same as you, treat them as you would yourself be treated with love and kindness. Believe us, it is not as difficult as it sounds to be all-loving to all souls and it can easily become your way of life, giving you much satisfaction and enjoyment. Humans were never meant to harm each other, as at heart they can be very kind and loving even in the face of hostilities. The Bible teaches you to turn the other cheek which is really the same message as we have given you.

Life can be so rewarding if you live it as it should be as your assurance of being able to stand tall and show your fellow beings how it can be. Send love where it is needed and help others if you can when it is apparent they need help. There is so much joy and satisfaction in helping other souls on their journey as many are totally unaware as to the true meaning of life, and can be uplifted by even small actions of kindness. The true meaning of life is to learn through your mistakes for which there is no punishment beyond that imposed by your authorities. You will always have another opportunity to prove yourself to put right mistakes that are made.

Go about your daily business with a smile for those you meet as you may never know what troubles or worries they carry with them. Even a kind word as you pass another soul on their journey can be uplifting. I leave you with love and blessings, and may the Light brighten your days and path to completion. This message comes through my Higher Self my God Self, and every soul has the same connection to God.

In Love and Light.

Mike Quinsey.




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