Join us! the June Solstice Gathering


Hello Beautiful  ~

I am so looking forward to the lift and joy of channeling live, tomorrow, for our June Solstice Live Celebration! I hope you’ll join us?

This event will be LIVE at 12:30 PM Pacific Time, and also recorded, so you can join live, or listen later — whatever works best for you.

Everyone who registers will get access to both the LIVE EVENT and the AUDIO RECORDING.

I’m told that this event will include:

  • an Ascension Update,
  • Teachings on Co-Creating/Manifesting with the Infinite and how this relates to becoming your Divine Self;
  • a Live Channeling with a Guided Inner Journey/Meditation and activating energies
  • And more!

As you’ve probably felt — this is an extremely powerful time. Despite appearances to the contrary, on the inner planes there is amazing love, joy, support and expansion available.

In the Solstice Events we come together as a group to summon higher light, spiritual energy and insights that support our conscious evolution.

Together we create a unified field. There is tremendous power in an experience like this, that is only possibly in our shared focus.

We will open, together to receive the energy and information we each can benefit most from at this time…

KNOWING as we embody this, we will be further liberated, elevated, transformed …

And that as we embody this energy, it will emanate from us, infusing our collective consciousness with higher light…

Eventually reaching the minds and hearts of others, carrying inspiration and revelation that will lead to further spiritual awakening and the unfoldment of higher consciousness in our world.

Your willingness to call forth, align with and open to higher light is HUGE! It’s important and significant. 


Tomorrow, around our world, there will be many people in prayer, meditation, in shared celebration and aligning with the energies of this June Solstice, which will create a wonderful group energy that we can join, adding our light and love to this collective focus.

I hope you will join us!

All the details and options for enrollment may be found here:

Blessings and love,

Feedback from a prior Solstice Event:

“Hi Ailia! Just had to write to let you know how AMAZING the Solstice Event was today…this was by far the most impactful event I can remember…I have felt the Christ Consciousness coming in for a while but haven’t really known what to do with this or what to focus on with Clarity…today, so much became clear…my Universal Origins….my Angelic Lineage…all came together with my desire for my Divine Consciousness to become fully embodied. I am on a Focused track now…thank you so much for all you do…you’re amazing. 🙂  Love, Sharon”


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