Love is unchanging and unchangeable.

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As the human collective moves ever closer to the moment of its magnificent awakening, there are still some loose ends to be attended to because the egoic need to be right is still preventing some major players from allowing themselves to look within, question, and then correct some of the motivations that direct their thoughts, words, and actions.  Change is necessary in the basic personal interactions that humans engage in, because love is still seen by many as a weakness instead of the strength that it truly is.  These essential changes are being put into effect, so remain patient and trust that God’s plan for you is precisely on its divine schedule, as you daily continue to reset your intentions to be only loving whatever may arise in your daily lives.  Setting and resetting that intention is extremely powerful and necessary, and you are all doing magnificent work as you follow through and put it into effect.

‘Just being’ truly is extremely powerful, therefore do not compare yourselves to others who are seemingly doing great work that you admire but feel you cannot in any way match.  They are on their paths, you are on yours, and NO ONE, save you, can do or be what you are doing and being.  You are indeed all doing things of great value – even if you cannot see it and get no positive feedback – that help enormously in the awakening process, it’s just that often you discount your own doings for any number of utterly invalid reasons – because you believe them to be basically small, meaningless, insignificant, or inconsequential – however, nothing that you do with love is ever without enormousvalue.  You all chose to be incarnate now because when you made that choice you knew that your presence in human form was essential at this time.

And I now confirm for you that your presence, each one of you without exception, as humans in form is an utterly necessary part of the awakening process.  Be kind to yourselves, honor and respect yourselves, and cease judging yourselves, or others.  Remind yourselves frequently that just being is of great value and importance because you are beings of Love, and just by being you are sharing that Love far and wide.  You are all greatly honored here in the non-physical realms where we can see so clearly the magnificent progress that you are making.

It all comes back to Love.  Love is your nature, the nature of every one of you without exception.  It always has been and it always will be because Love is unchanging and unchangeable, It is ALL that exists.  It is absolute power unbounded.  However, as humans in form, you have all been massively seduced by your egos into believing that not only are you weak and insignificant beings in an unimaginably vast universe that is totally unaware of you, but also that those around you could at any moment attack you.  Thus fear was born and the need to protect yourselves from any number of dangers was ingrained into your minds.  A major aspect of your awakening process is to let go of your preposterous need to cling to it, believing, as many do, that being fearful is a protective attitude that will keep you awake, alert, and safe from any dangers that may unexpectedly threaten you at any moment.

You do not need fear and anxiety to be constantly in your conscious minds.  They prevent you from being at peace with yourselves, and enjoying your lives moment to moment as God intends.  You do have free will, so you can choose to have either fear or Love as your constant companions.  Therefore choose Love, and enjoy the peace and satisfaction with life with which that choice fills your hearts.  To do that is the most uplifting and inspiring life choice you can make, and as you do so – every single day – give thanks to God for His Presence in your lives in every moment of your eternal existence.  Remember, you are never alone, because separation from Mother/Father/God is utterly impossible.

Many of you often do feel alone and lonely, and that is because you listen to your egos incessant roof-brain-chatter, which is intended to distract you from the Reality of your inseparable oneness with your Source.  Your egos’ main intent is to control you, thus you are seldom without some fearful ‘what if’ thoughts that they have instilled within your minds about your own safety or that of your loved ones.  It is a major distraction from living, as it is meant to be.  Let it go, it does not and never has served you.  It just enslaves you.  And total freedom is your God-given right.

Yes, freedom is your right.  You were created completely and utterly free, and you remain free.  However, as humans this does not appear to be the case, because you are enveloped in a sea of rules and regulations invented and established by the collective ego in order to control you.  Many, with smart intellects, are attracted to large organizations because they can see the great personal opportunities available to become executives and controllers within it if they demonstrate a powerful belief in its ideology.  And these organizations – business, political, religious, governmental, etc. – thrive on power and control over others, which has become the driving motivation for nearly all of them, particularly over the last one hundred years or so.  Wars are never about humanitarian issues, they are always about increasing the power and control, already in effect, by those who wield it.

Therefore, honor and insist on your sovereignty, and do not succumb to propaganda that suggests that it is right and proper for you to discard and dishonor your freedom ‘for the greater good,’ because there is no such thing.  The greatest good is to honor and respect yourselves, when you do that you will also very naturally honor and respect others, thus allowing and encouraging freedom to prevail.  Many of the old ways of control and restriction are crumbling as more and more people begin to claim their rights to personal freedom and refuse to follow unconscionable and illegal orders.  This is an essential aspect of your awakening process, and you can see welcome signs of this happening all over the world.

Humanity is awakening, and each one of you are assisting enormously in this process, just as you intended to do prior to incarnating, by being yourselves, rather than being actors playing roles directed by others, and thus you are beautifully demonstrating love in action.  You are all the beloved children of God, you are remembering this divine and unchanging Truth, and daily you are setting the intent to live it every day, and then doing so.

When you take your daily quiet time to go within, to your holy inner sanctuaries, make a point of honoring yourselves for continuously choosing to follow your spiritual paths, the paths that you planned before incarnating, and which are not always fully clear and apparent in the moment.  However, if you look back over your lives you cannot fail to be aware of points or junctures when you made important decisions that you can now see were indeed indispensable and crucial to your well being, even if at the time you were harboring some doubts.  Truly you are very honorable beings doing precisely what is needed to nudge and encourage humanity to move forwards towards its awakening.  Without your presence just being you, it could have been horribly delayed, and thanks to you it will not.

With so very much love, Saul.


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