The 10 Minute Window


The 10 Minute Window

Your Light Within

Hello friends,

Today I’d like to describe an often overlooked opportunity of daily life. If you are like most of us, life can feel like it’s nonstop and overwhelming.

Your Inspirational Nudge

How many times have you had an inspirational nudge to do something, then get busy with something else and your window of action closed? We’ve all done this – late in the day realizing we didn’t follow our inspiration to take a walk down to the ocean – then missed the most incredible sunset imaginable!

Maddening isn’t it? How can this happen and why are our inspirational nudges so crucial to our experience of life?

How We Miss Or Discount Our Nudges

In our fast-paced, success-driven society, we are conditioned to be “on” most of the time. This leaves no space to simply “be” for 10 minutes. When we do step away from our screens or other activities, our ego naysayer voice reminds us of something else we haven’t done or need to plan.

Why Our Nudges Are Vital

As Divine Changemakers here to self-evolve and transform our reality, our inspirational nudges are an elixir coming directly from our soul! To receive them, we must be present and stop the world without agenda. What do I mean by this?

Here Are 3 Examples:

  1. When you sense an inspiration to change your routine, e.g. take a walk down to the ocean, you allow yourself space to take the walk. Your heart then opens as you gaze at the sunset. This brings a sense of aliveness and joy into your next activity. The energy you put into that next activity translates into a more successful endeavor – since it is alive with your light within.
  2. When you get a nudge to reach out to a friend and do that in the moment, the connection opens you to seeing your life in a new way. Something the person said about their own experience helps you begin to rethink your own options. This is the light of your soul nudging you in a new direction.
  3. When your inner knowing tells you it’s time for a break and you stop your activity to do an errand, you encounter a neighbor who becomes your trusted friend. That new connection over time becomes like an elixir sitting in your field, drawing in new opportunities.

Your 10 Minute Window

I invite you to be daring when you get your inspirational nudges. Since they come from your soul, they are timely! The nudge means now – not later. If your ego’s naysayer voice tells you there’s no time for “that” – call out your ego with its agenda and fear of failure when taking a risk or getting “off plan.”

All of life is an experiment with potential for “failure.” There are no guarantees. For a fulfilling and joyful life, you must regularly test the waters – taking your nudges to heart.

After all, how can you progress if you’re not willing to fail? When you ask for a higher view, you will be shown that there’s no such thing as failure – only an unwillingness to experiment. I invite you to “dive in” and test the waters. Trust me, you won’t drown! You may find the water your perfect ally. Let me know how it goes.

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