16th June 2023. Mike Quinsey.

16th June 2023. Mike Quinsey.

Your problems clearly will not go away until they have been addressed and solved. Your future is bound up in the outcome and looks very bright, even if you have not been able to see the possibilities for yourselves. The old had to go as new innovations wait to be introduced that will eventually give you a better quality of life. Clearly there is much needed to rebuild your fractured societies so that they reflect a new way of life, one that makes fewer demands on your time and resources. New innovations will help make life easier and share the Earths bounty in a fairer way so that all benefit. Wealth should work for the good of all people and not a privileged few.

Your present period of troubles will take some while before there are signs of a new phase being entered, when there are people emerging who know what is required to return to some semblance of normality. But it will not mean returning to the old ways of working, as many new innovations are ready to be introduced giving a better quality of life. We cannot tell you when it will come about but there has to be a right time if it is to be totally acceptable and successful. Much is up to you and how you respond to the challenges that will see the end of outdated ways of life. What was readily accepted before this new period began is no longer adequate for the demands of the New Age.

These are trying times in many ways and it is noticeable that in the times of crisis humanity has not hesitated to pool resources to help those in greater need. At heart all humans are receptive to another ones needs and so much is given without a call for recognition or publicity. It is your “never say die” approach that gets you through tough times such as you are experiencing now. We commend you for your unstinting help often at personal cost as indeed humans are at heart very loving and quick to rise to the occasions needs.

What you are going through is surely a great test of your resolve and determination to overcome whatever obstacles are in your way. Few of you have any idea of your lives that have led you to this point in your evolution, but be assured many of you have been well tested and stand at the point where you will ascend after learning from the lessons you were given. You knew in advance it would be tough and having come through by trial and error you never need look back again. We know you all so well and what a reunion we shall all have in the very near future. The dark Ones still try to stop your progress but it is too late as you have already made it.

There will always be help needed somewhere in the Cosmos and you are going to step up and put your experience to good use helping others to follow in your footsteps. So enter this final period with full confidence knowing you have done the hard bit and are now on the way home. You have many family members just waiting for that day when you can celebrate your accomplishment in rising up in spite of the problems you have had to encounter.

Recognising your true roots and your real family has lifted you up and you now have the strength of character to tackle whatever comes your way. You are so powerful that you have yet to realise your true capabilities, you are a Master in the making and ready to do good work on Earth to help Humanity to also ascend. Some souls are far from ready but their opportunity to rise up will come in due course. No one is left behind to fend for themselves, help is just a call away as their Guides are always on hand.

Your journey through the lower dimensions has made you strong and experienced. With it comes the ability to be discerning and know exactly what to do when called to action. Think big because you have untapped abilities and can do almost anything you aspire to. However, you have learned balance and caution and are not compulsive.  You are calm and calculated and never prone to making hasty decisions, and can be trusted to make the right ones. You are ready to reach out to those who need help in the great Cosmos that is your true home.

Your experiences upon Earth have moulded you into a Supreme Being ready to dedicate yourself to the Light. What a great achievement and extremely well done. Coming down to Earth there is still much to be done and so many souls despair at what they see as their future. It is where you come in and as they cross your path would be surprised at how a few kind words lifts their soul.

Wherever you are in the world there are always opportunities to help another soul on their journey, it is the knowing that a bright future beckons and that there will be an end to the ravages of being in the lower vibrations and facing problems almost every day of your life. Nothing happens by chance and if only people could accept that they would hopefully see life a lot differently. Ask yourself what could be learned from each experience and if it comes in the form of a test do you understand why.

Life can be hard but also beautiful and how uplifting when the outcome is your happiness. Not all experience leave you unsettled but if they do question why as there may be an answer for you. Life is like a “merry go round” the same experiences keep coming your way but not without good reason.

I leave you with love and blessings, and may the Light brighten your days and path to completion. This message comes through my Higher Self my God Self, and every soul has the same connection to God.

In Love and Light.

Mike Quinsey.




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