Messages from Ann & the Angels – 06/10/2023 • Accept your Sweet Self


My dear friends, we love you so very much,

Accept yourselves as you are. Accept yourself at this moment, whether you are feeling wonderful or terrible. If you feel bad, of course, you want to feel better, but right here, right now, stop fighting yourself. Stop criticizing yourself. If you feel wonderful, revel in those good feelings. If you feel terrible, accept and love yourself as you are.

Whether you feel beautiful or ugly inside or out, we see your light. We see your beauty. We see your truth as a being of divine love having an experience upon your earth. Sometimes you remember the love that you are, Sometimes you forget. Your true nature, however, remains unchanged. Water is water, dear ones, whether it takes the form of ice, liquid, or steam. Your essential nature is love whether your current experience is sadness, fear, anger, or expanded bliss

We hold a constant and steady vision of your health, happiness, abundance, and joy. We have great compassion as you uncover layers of resistance to feeling loved, seeing love, and being loved. The most stubborn layer of resistance to love is the resistance to loving yourself as you are, right here, right now.

Wherever you are, say to yourself, “At this moment I am who I am.”

I AM, dear ones, was the name God gave Moses centuries ago. The Divine was saying, “I am who I am. I am in all things and all beings. I am evident in what you consider good and hidden within what you consider bad. I am in your heart when you feel holy, and I am a diamond of light buried deeply, even in hearts encrusted with hatred.”

When you feel good, tell yourself, “I am who I am.” It is wonderful to feel good. When you do, you (vibrationally) offer everyone a hand up. You need never feel guilty for feeling good, no matter who is feeling good or down around you.

If you feel terrible, take a moment and tell yourself, “I am who I am. I feel terrible, and I want to feel better. But right now, I accept myself as I am. I’m pure light. I’m just having a tough experience.” Love yourself where you are at. Have compassion for yourself. It will be infinitely easier to reach for a better feeling, as we so often suggest, if you can love and accept yourself where you are—right here and right now. In this state of self-acceptance, you are free from resistance to loving yourself. You are open to allowing the flow of love to carry you into better and kinder states of being.

We never stop loving you. We never judge you. We never see you as anything less than the light that lives and breathes within you. As a good mother sees the goodness in all of her children, we see who you really are. We hold a steady vision of your health, happiness, abundance, harmony, and expression. The notion of a judgmental, righteous, and vengeful God is an invention of judgmental, righteous, vengeful human beings. God is love. We are love. Love yourself as we do, dear ones, and you will sail through life, riding its waves like a surfer rides the currents of the ocean, using all as momentum for your goals.

Accept yourselves, dear ones. Right here, right now, place your hands over your heart and tell yourself, “I love and accept myself as I am. I am a spirit having an experience, perfect as is, even as I grow into greater love and awareness.” Don’t say you can’t accept yourself. You can. Choose to do it now. In so doing, you change the course of your entire future. You open to the love that is already and always there for you.

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
— The Angels


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