New Message to Light Bringers 💜


Greetings, Beautiful Light Being!

I pray you and yours are well, and giving yourself extra care and support as this Light shines down upon us in ever-increasing levels, exposing so much within and without.

In this week’s Message, the Collective answer a powerful question from a Light Bringer who asks:

“There’s been a lot of inner work lately for all of us, as stuff comes up more quickly now to be processed.

“I’ve couldn’t help but notice that because of the turmoil, emotions are strong. Then BOOM, a manifestation happens, literally within days, or even one day now.

“How are we supposed to clear that quickly? I spent two hours in Nature [after experiencing strong emotion] and did conscious breathing for a large part of the day.

“Nope, didn’t work. And the next day, there was an event.

“Some of us have been on the path for a long time now.

“Why are we instantaneously manifesting a terrible event, but still not getting anything joyful? This seems like a raw deal.”

THE COLLECTIVE: We speak to all when we say that we are aware of your discomfort at this turn of events.

As Earth and human consciousness move into the fifth dimension, you will indeed find the world around you increasingly created by projected thought—by the words, images, and emotions people create within them.

This is everyday life in the fifth dimension, and no one ever questions it, or is confused by it.

Be aware that the ‘delay factor’ that has long accompanied 3D manifestations on the Earth plane does not exist in the higher dimensions.

And so, as you begin to move forward in your and Earth’s Ascension, you find yourself in a strange moment.

It is a kind of void between where you have been and what you are fast moving into . . . 

The discussion moves to higher levels as they talk about releasing judgment of what we create, and of the emotions that manifested those events.

They also speak on healing the intense emotions coming up now.

I feel that in this message, the Collective and all of our Spirit teams are addressing two of the bigger issues of this era.

Go here for the full Message, which, as always holds beautiful energetic support.

Much Love to you as we travel this brand new path, my friend!

P S  I will be holding another Live Q&A with the Collective this month, so stay tuned for more info on that!

Start thinking about what question you would like to ask!

And a Special Request . . . 

Many of you know our friends who are White Knights of the Ashtar Command, Rama Berkowitz and Tara Green.

They offer amazing insights, higher dimensional perspectives, and one-of-a-kind news reports on their shows each week, without fail.

This is due to the amazing contacts that Rama has, including Archangel Michael and the Forces of Light.

In fact, for more than 50 years, Rama has been a man on a mission for We the People, bringing us news and information we can trust—information banned from the mainstream media.

For the past 15 years, Rama and his wife Tara have broadcast their news programs three days a week on, providing crucial information about what’s really going on in the world, both within and outside the political power structure.

Rama is a potent news source.

On any given day, he might get a phone call from Malala Yousafzai, Thom Hartmann, Amy Goodman, Ed Snowden, the Dalai Lama, Michelle Obama, Senator Bernie Sanders, and many other independent journalists and Washington insiders, some with information so sensitive that they can only identify themselves by using code names.

Every week, these brave people update Rama on what’s really happening—at the United Nations, in higher government, in the media, behind the billionaires’ closed doors, and more.

Rama and Tara then relay the information to the world on their BBS Radio programs, which on the weekends, include an hour-long conference call to answer listeners’ questions. 

Working with honest, well-informed insiders around the world, Rama is working every day to support the announcement of NESARA Law.

All politicians and mainstream media members are under gag orders to never speak of that law publicly.

Rama and Tara are its only public spokespersons. 

Enacting this law is incredibly important work.

But that work is endangered at the moment, because the engine of Rama’s 20-year-old car badly needs intensive repairs just to keep going for a while longer, till a reliable used car can be found.

Rama’s mechanic, who is a good friend, needs to install a new catalytic converter, which costs $1,000, so the car will move again. He is also still owed $400 for a repair of a month ago.

The car also needs a new muffler (which will cost between $100 – $200), plus a few other repairs that require more parts and labor.

If Rama isn’t free to travel 20 miles from his home every day, to where he can speak with his contacts on an encrypted phone, or meet with them in person, his work is almost completely put on pause.

This means that the invaluable and incredibly insightful, not-available-elsewhere News Reports that Rama offers on his and Tara’s BBS Radio shows are constantly up in the air, until a much better car can be found, with the current car requiring serious repairs in the meantime. 

Their mechanic has warned Rama that the car is dangerous to drive, and is keeping an eye out for a good used car for him.

So Rama & Tara’s Light community are now asking for donations to fix the car they have now, and to get a much better used car, so that Rama doesn’t have to walk 6 miles a few times a week to buy groceries, and so that he can travel each day to do his work.

As the car is 20 years old, it will keep breaking down as it has been doing for the past year or more.

They are looking to buy a decent used car that is far more reliable, since Rama must travel daily for his work, speaking on an encrypted cell phone line.

Rama and Tara have spent decades working to protect the rights and freedom of others.

They have no savings, no private health insurance, are retired, and live in the simplest ways possible. They often go days without food each month due to lack of funds, while staying fully involved in their work.

A number of us offer financial support to Rama’s work each month, and we’re now reaching out to a wider audience to ask for help with first repairing their current car so Rama can continue working, then as soon as possible, replacing that car, which has been ready to die for a while now. 

If you’re aware of the changes we’re happening in our physical, mental, and emotional lives, aware that the very fabric of our world is changing . . .

If you’re inspired by the healing of our planet, and the movers and shakers of real change . . .

And if you’re tired of the power grab by corporations and governments, low wages, environmental ruin, mass incarceration, and other crucial issues . . .

Then please lend a hand to help these brave truth seekers!

To learn more about Rama and Tara’s work, please go to:

To donate to help them get a reliable used car, please go here to Donate.

Thank you for giving whatever you can to support Rama & Tara’s life and work at this crucial time! 

Your gifts are met with a ton of straight-from-the-heart gratitude!


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