Messages from Ann & the Angels – 06/03/2023 • The Value of Feeling


My dear friends, we love you so very much,

Are you in touch with your feelings on a regular basis? Most of you would answer “Yes.” You know when you’re happy, sad, or upset. Strong emotions are easy to recognize. However, It is an art to be more in touch with your subtle feelings – those first indicators that your mind and your mood are headed in a particular direction.

For example, suppose you wake up in a good mood. You are clear and focused on your priorities. You know what you need to do before work and have plenty of time. Then you get a text or receive an email that concerns you. You think about the issue as you go to eat your breakfast. You absentmindedly take more time than you meant to take. You get up and forget where you put your keys. You leave the house or get to work a little later than you planned. Nothing terrible has happened, but you are no longer focused or happy at this point. You may feel distracted, less focused, or a little worried. You may get upset when a coworker contacts you about an issue before you can settle into your workspace. If you’re not careful, you can find yourself stressed and upset by the end of the day without realizing why.

For the sake of your happiness and vibrational well-being, it is a valuable skill to start paying more attention to your subtle feelings. In this example, suppose you recognized a slight shift in your emotions immediately after reading that text. You notice that suddenly you don’t feel as good as you did a moment ago.

Now you can take corrective action. You can ask yourself, “What feels better?” You can look out the window and see the beautiful sky. You can think about a loved one. You can say a little prayer, give the problem to the Creator and get on with your day. You can refocus and reclaim your good mood in so many different ways. It is far easier to do this a little at a time than to resurrect a good feeling once you’ve allowed circumstances to erode your good mood.

We know that there are times when you are plunged into the depths. You lose a loved one, have a health scare, become concerned about finances, or feel a shockwave when someone is unkind to you. After one of these challenges, it is hard to feel good. We never ask you to feel good about things that don’t. We simply remind you, with great love, that even when there are large, difficult circumstances in your life, there are always smaller things that can soothe you. There are always things to focus on that will feel better.

If you’ve lost a loved one, looking at happy photos or calling a good friend may be soothing. If someone has been unkind, praying or focusing on the good people in the world can be helpful. If you have a financial challenge, reminding yourself that you have the Creator of Universes working on your behalf can help. Talking to someone else who has a better perspective can help. Walking outside, looking at the sky, and reminding yourself of the vastness of creation can help. Perhaps a cup of tea and a good book is the key. If you’re ill or worried about your body, remind yourself that when you sleep, silence your mind, or distract yourself with something happier, you are getting out of the way and allowing your cells to speak directly to God, who, in every moment, is directing the entire universe (your cells included) into a greater balance.

You can find so many things that can temporarily soothe, comfort, and uplift you. In so doing, slowly but surely, you take the small steps to a better feeling space.

By paying attention to your subtle feelings throughout the day, you can much more easily give yourself the love you deserve, prevent the outer world from hijacking your joy, and even maintain better health. You deserve to feel good dear ones, not only about the “big” things in life but in a thousand little ways each day. Look for the things that inspire soothing, comfort, relief, or joy. Be with them more often in your thoughts. That way, when the “darkness of ignorance and misunderstanding” presents itself to you – be it via a news article, a disturbing story, or the person that cuts you off in traffic – then you can go back to choosing your news, your views, and therefore your mood.

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
— The Angels


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