When A Hill Looks Like A Mountain

When A Hill Looks Like A Mountain

Tools For Managing Overwhelm

Hello friends,

Today I’d like to give you tools for managing the overwhelm of living now. Indeed, it can feel like a sense of overwhelm is silently sitting there in your field, on hair trigger. While it’s challenging to eliminate general feelings of overwhelm, there are specific remedies to apply when you can name a specific cause. Continue reading to understand more.

Tools For Managing Overwhelm

To be sure, overwhelm can make a current difficult situation feel more like an impossible mountain than a manageable hill. This is especially the case when matters of the heart are involved, or when there seems to be no way to reconcile a situation.

  1. Any kind of significant loss (parent, child, partner, home, job) can feel like an impossible mountain in the beginning stages of loss. After all, a key part of one’s daily life experience is gone. To manage the overwhelm, approach the grief like you would a wise teacher, helping you learn about yourself and how to take your wisdom forward.
  2. When navigating what appears to be an irreconcilable situation, remember that this experience is teaching you something. Allow for sudden reversals. Don’t be surprised if one day you wake up and discover a resolution has taken place. Most likely this didn’t come overnight but over time as you grew personally and spiritually.
  3. If you are a parent with a child who has never been the same since going to college or some other traumatic life event, do your best to be present with your child and allow him or her space to open up and share. Avoid making this situation about you. Invite your inner wisdom to reveal how you can be supportive.
  4. When you develop a condition traditional doctors say is either incurable or may require major surgery, do not identify with the condition or the diagnosis. Develop a deeper dialogue with your body so you are empowered with your own feedback.
  5. With any experience you categorize as a mountain – a new task you don’t feel ready for, a meeting with a difficult person, or any of the above scenarios – transform that mountain into a hill by remembering that it is simply an experience. The experience is not YOU – it is temporary and will pass. You as a soul are eternal, having a series of experiences.

What’s in Store During June

June arrives Thursday! Here’s a snapshot of planetary energies to factor in.

  • June 1 energies (Jupiter lining up with North Node) is a reminder to take a higher view of everything occurring in our world – remembering that there is a purpose to all things. This includes your individual life journey and humanity’s experience.
  • June 3 is a powerful Sagittarius Full Moon that can help you make sense of what you are witnessing and needing to process.
  • June 17 during the Gemini New Moon is an excellent time to set intentions for the next cycle. Read more below about the Gemini New Moon.

Below is an excerpt from something I wrote for Post.News, a social media platform I contribute to.

“Every day is a mixture of energies and challenges. Accepting this helps you to find balance, move through turbulence, and use helpful energies like a New Moon in your astrological sign. Example: if your sign is Gemini, the June 17 Gemini New Moon could be a powerful opportunity to see yourself and life with new eyes. New connections with others could be made that help you navigate challenges and come up with new insights.”

Tapping Into Blessings of Wesak Season

Annually during Wesak season we and all of humanity benefit from the blessings of auspicious energies assisting in human spiritual development. This can mean personal progress, and more awakening of people across the planet. Ahead of our June 17 Post Wesak, I suggest intentionally tapping into these energies in your meditations and spiritual practice.

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Thank you for being a part of my life journey in these auspicious moments, and for your ongoing support!

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