Sharing some love…


Hi All,

No fancy email tonight because I’m busy, but I had to share. Many of you know Tina Turner passed today. Like so many, I loved her music but also respected the incredible spiritual journey she took this lifetime.  I felt compelled to attempt a heavenly image of her homecoming, and the minute I had the desire, a prompt for it streamed into my mind. I felt her immense, angelic love for humanity. I don’t know if it was her or the angels, but someone in spirit wanted me to share an image that gives us a glimpse or, more importantly, captures the essence, heart, and soul of what it feels like to return home.

We’ve all lost loved ones. I hope, in a small way, the joy and the energy in this picture can touch and heal the hearts of any of you who are grieving.  This is what it feels like when the light of heaven touches you. I’ve been in that light. There are no words.

As you look at the image, let the energy behind it wash over you with its peace and, better yet, the euphoria that your dear ones in the heavenly dimensions experience all the time now.  Tap in. If you like, ask Tina to fill your heart with her bliss and see what you feel. I feel her spirit now and am near tears again with the magnitude of the love and celebration of her homecoming. She is truly “dancing with angels” tonight. Ok, now I’m crying. So beautiful. So so so beautiful. I. hope you feel her 🙂

Love you all,


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