Accept This Invitation from the Ascended Masters ∞The 9D Arcturian Council


Accept This Invitation from the Ascended Masters ∞The 9D Arcturian Council, Channeled by Daniel Scranton

“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We have noticed the impact that the masters who have walked on your planet have had on all of you. You have noticed their power, their alignment, and the love that emanates from them as well. They came to you in order to show you what was possible while being in a human physical form. They didn’t have anything that you don’t have. And to put it another way, everything that they had inside of them, you also have inside of you. And they wanted you to know that, but they also wanted to demonstrate to you how to access that which is in all of us, that which is Source.

You access those energies, those vibrations, and those feelings, by going within, by meditating, by fasting, by taking part in certain rituals that you know will take you into yourself more fully. There are many other ways as well to connect to the truth of who you really are as a being of unconditional love, and different masters showed you different ways.

Now, we want all of you to recognize that you don’t need another master to come and show you again what it is you have already been shown, but instead, you need to take those teachings and utilize them. You need to recognize that you already have everything that you need, but you also have to put into practice that which has been shared with you by these beautiful teachers and masters. And now what you have on Earth are many, many people who are working with the teachings, who are doing the practices, the meditations, and so on, and they are showing you that it doesn’t take someone who was born under a bright shining star to be able to utilize these methods of alignment, these methods of integration.

You have now upon your world so many teachings, so many techniques to get you there, and it’s just a matter of you finding the ones that resonate with you. Some people are going to connect more to sound, and others are going to more to movement. Some are going to connect more through prayer and others will connect more through acts of service. Most of you will find that it is easier to connect to a higher level of consciousness when you are in nature. When you connect to Mother Nature and Mother Earth, you have the ability to feel all of that love around you, all of those high-frequency vibrations that are emanating from the trees and the rocks and the soil, from the bodies of water and the wild animals.

Many masters have demonstrated that there was more to be found in that connection to nature, and they demonstrated it by going out into the desert, or by sitting under a tree. You have all of that available to you throughout most of your year, and every time that it is nice enough outside for you to go and connect with those elements of nature that you appreciate, then go and be like an ascended master. Show yourself and others what is possible within a human physical form, and be the teacher and the leader that you were always meant to be in this life. Do not think of ascended masters as better than you, because they chose those paths very carefully from before the lifetime. They knew who they were going to be for all of you, and they had the perfect set up in that lifetime to be exactly who they became.

You decided to take a different path, a more circuitous one, but you can still end up where they did by using all of the teachings that they gave you, and a lot of them have given you very similar teachings. Go within. Quiet your mind. Be heart centered. Be love in action. Be of service to others. Connect, connect, and connect some more, and you will find that there is always more available to you each and every time you connect with another being, or with Mother Earth, or with an animal, or a tree. You will find your own path to enlightenment, of this we are certain. The ascended masters have shown you the various paths and have invited you to them, and it is time for those of you who are on Earth right now to accept that invitation.

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”


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