A New Message to Light Bringers 💜


Greetings, Powerful Jedi!

This week’s Message answers a question sent in by one of our community members.

They asked about the WHO’s proposed plandemic treaty, a plan created by the old power elite to put global governmental authority into the hands of an unelected few. 

The Collective answer this with their usual empowering encouragement, stressing that help is actively on the ground now.

And that all of us, with powerfully rising consciousness and rising vibration, are birthing a whole other Earth:

“In opening to the empowering energies flowing to you via your Sun Sol, you are choosing your own sovereignty over and above all the old Earth structures.

“Those structures, based on fast-fading concepts, are small and ineffective compared to the increasing galactic connections and soul presence you all hold.

“We understand your concern. Many feel at times, as they read of these dark interests, that perhaps your Star Nations families have somewhat left you behind, leaving you to a dark fate.

“We wish to say that “fate” is itself another lie, another false construct.

“You are yourselves the determinative points of Light creating the New Earth.

“Your star families are assisting as much as they can (and in increasingly visible ways) without usurping your free will, as your current, fast-fading power structure has done for eons.

“We are aware that it does appear at times that no one is helping. It may not appear as such, yet Archangel Michael and his Legions of Light are on the ground now, often in physical form, letting Earth-based governments and their corporate adjuncts know their time is highly limited  . . .”

They also relay a message from our star families, who assure us we are receiving amazing backup and support.

Go here for the full Message, which contains powerful Light codes to assist us now.

We have the choice to ignore the media, and to live in the Truth that we are never alone.

Much Love to you, my friend!

P S  Many have found the latest Abundant Living Podcast very helpful for dealing with Ascension symptoms — both physical and mental / emotional.

The Collective also offer an energy clearing, in this time when we’re releasing all the old 3D constructs that have held us back for millennia:

Ascension, PTSD & Media Triggers: The Abundant Living Podcast – Ep 14


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