NEW FEATURE: Podcasting on AWTV + Live with Corey this Saturday


NEW FEATURE: Podcasting on AWTV

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Our podcast hosting service integrates with Spotify, Amazon Music, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Stitcher, Etc.


You can now post unlimited Video or Audio podcast episodes to your account on AWTV and have all the major podcasting listing platforms automatically synchronize your episodes with their database so that people searching using those platforms can find your episodes there as well.

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From the Archives: Corey’s Presentation at Cosmic Co-Creation Event in 2018

Now available to watch for free on AscensionWorks.TV!

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LIVE Q&A with Corey this SATURDAY
May 20 at 10am MST

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Sunday, May 21 – 2pm MST

Next subject for Live discussion: Higher Self, Magical Personality & The Adept

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Tuesday, May 23 – 7pm MST

Zoom Meetings/Discussions hosted by Mike Waskosky
Story sharing not recorded (for privacy reasons)

Tuesday, May 24 – 8pm MST

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Saturday, June 3 at 1pm MST

Interviews with the Workers of Ascension
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Tuesday June 6 – 7:30pm MST

Women’s Circle Zoom Meetings – Open Discussion & Meditation


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“In service to all,
in service of the One.”


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