What Buddha Would Tell Us Today

What Buddha Would Tell Us Today

Tap New Moon Potency

Hello friends,

Today I’d like to describe the significance of Wesak and its relevance in these pivotal times. I will give you modern-day context for this ancient celebration of enlightened beings such as Buddha.

Why Do We Care?

Why do we care today about buddhas, also known as enlightened beings, who walked the Earth long ago? To be sure, their experience arose out of a totally different kind of world. Many of them spent time in monasteries and most had much simpler lives than we have.

The key to understanding the relevance and wisdom of these ancient ones lies in simplicity. They understood core truths that apply to all beings living throughout the ages through the present day.

What Buddha Would Tell Us Today

If Buddha were here today, he would remind us of simple truths to live by. Examples:

  • The only time you have is now – the present moment. Make the most of it.
  • Dwelling on the past is useless.
  • Dreaming about the future is unproductive as it takes you out of the present.
  • Each moment is brand-new, despite how it appears.
  • You are constantly having an experience, in the moment. The experience is not YOU, your essence or soul that is eternal.
  • All conditions and experiences are impermanent.
  • The 3 things that will matter at the end of your life include how much you loved, the gentleness and kindness you expressed, and how easily you let go of hurts and things not meant for you.

These concepts are so simple in theory. In practice, your ego-self will not entertain these ideas! That’s why learning to track your ego is vital to your spiritual growth. You can’t fire your ego, or stop its ruminating, but with practice you can learn to track its voice and temporarily put it in the back seat. This can sometimes feel like a full time job, I say, laughing to myself.

Tap New Moon Potency

At Friday’s Taurus New Moon, use your intuition to take steps that influence your future. Remember: you are at the helm of your own life experience.

About Our Wesak Meditation

This year’s Wesak Meditation to the Wesak Valley is this Saturday May 20! You won’t want to miss this unique and auspicious experience. You can attend live or benefit fully by listening to the recording later. I would be thrilled to have you and your friends join us this year! More description is below.

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If you aren’t already participating in my monthly meditations and Divine Changemakers courses, consider joining me for guided support.

For More Energetic Support 

Participate with me in 1-on-1 personal support and astrology sessions for deeper work during which I hold the space for you and guide your exploration and transformation. Attend my monthly global meditations that include guided process for life insights and healing of current challenges and old wounds.

In astrology sessions, you will receive context for life situations involving other people, your work, and your spiritual path. Your birth chart will reveal past life situations, specific purposes for your soul to evolve, and what you have been born to learn and bring to the world. Annual solar returns and transit sessionswill reveal current potentials and a way to make the most of your opportunities.

Feel free to contact me for more information, and to let me know if a certain article, meditation, 1-on-1 session, or process has been helpful.

Thank you for being a part of my life experience in these auspicious moments, and for your ongoing support!

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