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Hello My Friend –

In this week’s Message, I speak with the Collective about the difficult subject of sexual abuse, particularly as it affects women and children.

Many of us have found it triggering (then finally, triumphant) to watch media coverage of the civil case that author E Jean Carroll brought against DJT over the past year.

However you may feel about the defendant, the proceedings were a powerful example of how our legal system still treats women who come forward in an attempt to establish some justice regarding what has happened to them.

For those of us abused as children, by the time the memories surface, legal allowances for prosecution have often expired — or the abuser has died at that point. As in my case, as a survivor (now thriver) of child sexual abuse from my father.

The spiritual aspects of this run deep. Abuser energy tends to stay with the abused until it is energetically pulled out of them.

The survivor must then also reclaim the life energy stolen from them over each incident of abuse. In this week’s Message, I speak with the Collective about the bigger aspects of why anyone would come into an Earth life, having written sexual abuse into their life chart:

COR: My friends, so much is coming up now to be healed.

I and many others have had deeper aspects of old issues come up recently. They’ve revealed a whole other layer of wounding or old programming.

We can’t carry any of that with us into the fifth dimension!

THE COLLECTIVE: We would say, that though these moments can feel unpleasant and hard to take, they are in a sense pure gold.

These are the gifts of these new Light codes pouring in now.

We can assist those experiencing this now in seeing these moments when old trauma arises, in ways that support your paths. And the beauty of them is undeniable.

COR: For those in physical form, those feelings and memories are very dark.

I have been receiving new realizations about the sexual abuse I experienced as a child. Those energy patterns are buried deep, but with these higher energies, all is revealed.

This new layer seems to fit into the dark programming that children receive from the old matrix, in which the abuser is connected to something far darker than they know.

Particularly when the abuse comes from a member of the clergy.

THE COLLECTIVE: And so you are seeing the last part of the riddle—that the freeing of the soul from the many traps laid for it in Earth life is often a matter of walking that darkest path.

It provides insight into not only what you came to end and release, but what you came to help dissolve in Earth life. You and millions of others.

You came to anchor Light into one of the darkest aspects of the old Earth, while it has been under the control of what are termed dark Satonians*—those who invaded the planet, and crowned themselves rulers, and made contract with some of the lowest forces in this Universe . . .”

Go here for the full Message, which to me, by the end, is full of Light of a quality I’ve not experienced before now.

Please know, if you are concerned for me, that I no longer live in victim energies, despite the layers of healing that still remain for most of us.

If you are dealing with this issue, the Collective and your Spirit team are able to assist. Just go here for info on channeling sessions, which can address any area of your life experience.

We are never alone!

Much Love to you, my friend,

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