The Silver Linings of Tolerance

Silver Linings of Tolerance

5 Ways to Track Your Silver Linings

Hello friends,

Today I’d like discuss tolerance and how we can become more tolerant during these polarized and uncertain times. I will connect the dots between self-tolerance, being tolerant of things beyond our control, and becoming more compassionate people.


Enlightened beings like Buddha who previously walked the Earth emphasized that one cannot build a sound basis of compassion without first learning to practice tolerance. This begins with us as individuals, our learning to be more accepting or tolerant of our personal imperfections, mistakes, and life happenstance.

As a reminder, at our core, we are pure love and able to accept ourselves and challenges life brings. It is our fear-based ego that continually judges and finds fault – constantly reminding us there’s something wrong or threatening.

This fearful inner state then gets projected into our life experience and interactions with others. It colors how we see the world and our life experience. This makes it challenging to connect with our authentic selves and express our truth.

The Silver Linings of Tolerance

A big lesson I’ve learned over time is the importance of stepping back from difficulties and asking for a higher view. When I do this, I discover silver linings in troublesome situations and relationships. Silver linings are typically related to transformation that addresses longstanding issues my soul is working through in order to evolve spiritually. These silver linings aren’t usually obvious – one must go deep within the self to discover them. The more that I discover my personal silver linings, the easier it is for me to be tolerant.

Below is a simple method to begin tracking more of your personal silver linings. Trust me, they are GOLD, for they put things in context and show you a quantum way forward. I call this quantum because there’s no linear pathway taking you from the past to the present to the future.

Most likely, you are already finding silver linings. Congratulations! Get ready to go deeper with this simple process below. Enjoy, and let me know how it goes!

5 Ways to Track Your Silver Linings

  1. During Mercury Retrograde like we have until May 14, consider something of importance to you that has been delayed or is standing still. During your morning spiritual practice, when you purposefully get still and go within, invite a knowing of silver linings. Then go deeper for a higher view of something you needed to see or experience during the retrograde.
  2. Knowing ahead of a meeting that it may be challenging, take time beforehand and afterwards to ask for a higher view. Ask to be shown a nuance you have overlooked – something that in hindsight you will recognize as a silver lining.
  3. Track more silver linings by daily stating your intention to recognize them. You benefit even if you simply know there IS one. Don’t be surprised if you feel more relaxed, just knowing there’s something of benefit below the surface.
  4. Once you sense there is a silver lining, yet not knowing what it is, invite your natural curiosity to surface. Simply inviting this sets in motion your going deeper to understand and benefit from the silver lining.
  5. When happenstance changes from the expected – e.g. a colleague doesn’t show at a meeting, a friend cancels lunch, or you wake up with no energy to do what you planned – as described above, go within to invite a knowing of silver linings. I made this word plural – by the way- as there may be several!

Find Silver Linings In All Things

To walk through these chaotic and challenging times, we must seek to find silver linings in all things. I say “all things,” because from a higher perspective, all of the craziness playing out now has a purpose. The big shift in consciousness cannot occur until the light shines brightly on misuses of power – long enough for real change to occur.

I suggest that you continue shining your light into the dark corners where injustice lies. Know that you and your energy matter and you were born now – not to suffer but to lead the way as a Divine Changemaker.



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