Messages from Ann & the Angels – 05/06/2023 • Loving all your emotions


My dear friends, we love you so very much,

You live lifetimes within each day. Within each day, you can experience the gamut of emotions. You may have predominant feelings that seem to overshadow all else, but in truth, if you pay attention, you will find moments that cover a spectrum of emotions. You may feel happy but temporarily become enraged when you stub your toe. You may be stricken with the most profound grief you have ever felt, but then a memory inspires your joy. You may feel depressed and suddenly take a sip of coffee or feel the comfort of a warm shower, which becomes a saving grace. You may be celebrating but then hear of someone else’s misfortune and feel temporarily sad. Each one of you lives lifetimes on the spectrum of feeling each day.

It is helpful to pay attention to this, especially if you are going through a hard time. There is a tendency to think you can’t feel good when you feel bad, but there are thousands of tiny moments in your day when you feel relief, soothed, or uplifted. If you are predominantly up, you will still have your lower feelings from time to time, and these simply remind you to flex that muscle of choosing something that feels better as quickly as you can.

Your feelings don’t make you a good or a bad person. You already are good dear ones. You are pure light, pure love, formed from the spark of the Divine. You are no more or less holy if you feel good or bad. You are no more or less enlightened (filled with light) because you already are light. You want to reach for better feelings, not to achieve some “level” of spiritual evolution but because your experience on this earth matters, and you get to choose.

Sometimes there is comfort for you in your grief, until one day there is not, and that is when you reach for more. Sometimes there is power in your anger but not for long, so you reach for more. Sometimes there is motivation beneath your jealousy, and as long as you don’t stay stuck within it, it can inspire you to create more for yourself. Your emotions are not bad. They simply help you realize where you don’t yet believe you are loved and where you do. They simply tell you if your thinking is lined up with the Divine and your spirit, or not.

When someone dies, it is human to see the loss. The soul sees eternal relationships.

When someone criticizes you, you feel disrespected. The soul sees the others’ insecurity or pain.

When you witness abominations in your world, you see evil. The soul sees misunderstanding and cries for love.

When you do something that yields undesirable results, you see a mistake, but the soul sees an opportunity for growth.

When you see as your soul sees, you may still grieve the physical presence of a loved one, but you will also take time to receive their love and reach for their presence instead of focusing exclusively on their absence.

When you see as your soul sees those who criticize you are really saying, “This is the standard to which I hold myself, and if I do not meet it, I do not feel good enough. Therefore you must meet it too.”

When your soul sees abominations, it wants to send light with compassion and pray to heal the sad disconnection and misunderstanding that motivates such behaviors.

When your soul sees a so-called mistake, it revels in the opportunity to practice a better, kinder, and more uplifting way to be.

Dear ones, we understand your human feelings. The Divine lives within you and experiences each and every one of them with you without judgment. You are understood more than you will ever know upon your earth. We have great love and compassion for you. We comfort, soothe, and try to inspire you when you are in your pain, and we encourage you and cheer you onward when you are in your joy. We always do everything in our power to steer you towards kinder thoughts, a kinder reality, and a happier life.

When you get angry, we see your power sputtering to the surface.

When you grieve, we see the love in your tears.

When you are jealous ,we see your desire for better.

Always and forever, we remember who you truly are – love in human form. We recognize the love you are seeking to experience. We know the love you truly want to share. Beneath all appearances and all emotions we focus our attention on the love, hoping always to help you draw it nearer to the surface of your life – not for the sake of anything other than your comfort and joy.

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
— The Angels


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