You are ahead of your time. (


Hello Beautiful  ~

As the Eclipse Cycle continues, I have been reflecting each morning, on our community.

I feel so much love and appreciation for who you are. You are truly, ahead of your time.

You are the vision holders, the leaders, teachers, creatives and healers here to bring through new energy and information. And to embody new frequencies and higher light.

As you grow spiritually and open to your own vaster wholeness, you are becoming a source of light and awakening for others!

And, holding your light steadily, even amidst these turbulent energies is greatly adding the radiance and power of the totality of your being.

You are also holding the vision of what is possible for humanity and for this world.

Your presence is broadcasting encouragement, energy and information to those behind you…

You do this, energetically and in consciousness and this way of being, is making it easier for others to join in and participate in this evolutionary transformation of what it means to be human.

The collective reality and 3D mindsets of the Earth-plane can make it hard to feel all the love and support that is actually here for you.

Without this expanded connection it is easy to get lost in self-doubt and self-criticism.

It’s important that you do not make yourself wrong, for feeling anger, shame, guilt, doubt, unworthiness and doubt. The density of this plane can often make it hard to be resonant with higher light and it’s not unusual to feel alone and less confident in yourself, or your capacities.

More than any other reason, it is humility and self-doubt that hold us back. 

It is so important to recognize and believe in your DIVINITY, your innate worthiness and to believe in your own desires and dreams.

Our desires and dreams are the way our Divine Self guides us, to fulfill our embodiment.

We feel that discovering your inner connection with the Divine Self and opening up your capacities to ask and receive from your Divine Self is the missing key to feeling confident, clear and radiantly alive, now.

Consider, too, that on some level you may have chosen to personally experience some of the areas that humanity as a whole has not yet evolved  — such as fear or doubt — knowing that as you heal and evolve past these states yourself, you can then empower others, and if you feel like it — teach and share what you’ve learned, too.

Together we are at the forefront of the change that will bring about a very different reality — one that supports multidimensional consciousness, inclusivity, peace and love.

There is so much light and assistance available to us, as we make this evolutionary leap, together.

And the most significant aspect of our embodiment is our relationship with our Divine Self.

There is nothing more powerful or important to our evolutionary accomplishment than awakening to your true identity as a Divine Being.

When you KNOW that who you truly are, is a powerful, wise and infinite being of light, you have more confidence, clarity and vision.

When you know how to work with and receive from the Divine Self, you experience infinite supply and the peace and well that comes from knowing you are supported and loved.

You make yourself, rather than other people, the authority of what is right for you.

You experience more inner peace, harmony, and inspiration.

You awaken each day, feeling connected, supported, guided and deeply loved.

You know your Divine Self is always giving you whatever you need.

In this state of abundance and as this relationship becomes more real and alive to you, it is natural to open fully and surrender, becoming a willing and open channel for the Divine Self.

Our next Conscious Evolution program is the first of these in-depth transmissions which is focused specifically on aspects of becoming the Divine Self.

This is a program and a way of being that you can bring into your daily life for real and practical results.

Realize your Divine Self is and has always been trying to reach you, make contact with you and send you the illumination, love, wisdom and knowledge to be who you truly are here.

If you’re ready to connect more fully with this loving inner being, and to receive more + to strengthen, deepen and empower yourself through the totality of your being, we invite you to join us, for

👉 Conscious Evolution XVII — Inner Light ~ Becoming the Divine Self

As you begin to work with the Divine Self, you will discover you’ve not yet asked for even a very small portion of what is available to you.

The challenge becomes how much can you ask for, and how much can you allow into your Life?

Knowing first hand, your true identity, can be one of the most liberating, life-changing steps you can take.

Knowing your true Identity, clears the way…

Won’t you join me in Becoming Your Divine Self here?


P.S. Our program officially begins this Friday, May 5… (aligned with the 2nd Eclipse!), but you’ll begin by receive the activating transmission — Remote Energy work that is removing thresholds to shift into higher light, right after signing up. You can see all the details and enroll, here.


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