Council of Love Monday Letter



As we come together in Mother’s New Time to co-create community and unity, there is a real need to know the exquisive fullness of our soul design. We need to know the incredible magnitude and beauty of our soul design, our unique capacities and talents so that we can translate our human wants to our heart’s desires to conscious choice to concerted action to the co-creation of Nova Earth.

So often, in our eagerness and determination to serve the Divine Mother, we forget or minimize the importance of our own passions and desires, ignoring these indicators on how to proceed. As I was pondering this, I was reminded of what St. Germaine said to us years ago:

“Embrace your desires as if they were the most precious gold that you could imagine…your core desire is this reconnection with love, and in the life that you are currently living that overriding desire then translates into how you direct your life.”

The importance of clarity of choice as a heart-conscious decision about where we wish to put our energies and efforts is becoming increasingly clear. The Divine Mother guides us:

“We have been, even in our understanding, enormously patient with the human race, for we do not interfere or override free will, free choice. But there are situations, bright ones, that can very strongly, as you well know, influence or shine a light on how free choices are made – and yes, that is exactly what is transpiring at this time – as the question being posed to all of humanity is: ‘What do you value? What do you wish to pursue? How do you wish to live, to create, to co-create on Nova Earth?’”

In some ways, it seems easy to follow Yeshi’s constant advice and simply follow our hearts. But as Nova Gaians, it becomes imperative that we really take that time to step back, embrace who we really are, examine our hearts – heart-listen and then proceed to take aligned actions that reflect this New Reality that we are experiencing and simultaneously creating.

Can it get any more exciting – this co-creative journey we are taking with the Divine? This is the time we have all waited for – The Event that so many are waiting for occurred with the Conjunction of the Winter Solstice in 2022. The Divine Mother has lifted Gaia and all of us into a higher frequency – and expansion quite literally of Everything! So now the question is what do we do with that – what does your heart essence and soul design really wish to create and embrace? xxx


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