Eclipse Cycle Update – 24 April 2023


New Message channeled by Ailia Mira
Mid-way through the Eclipse Cycle, April 2023

Hello, Divine Ones,

We greet you, in love.

We are here, now, to comment on the current Eclipse Cycle and your experience of it. We see so much inner elevation occurring in our human friends. We are very encouraged by the willingness and openness you’ve brought to what is coming up for you during this Eclipse Cycle and we are here to support you and offer insight and perspective, to assist you in making the most of your lives.

Know when we say this that first and foremost, you are doing brilliantly.

We see you aligning more and more with who you truly are.

We see you recognizing in simple moments, the innate freedom of your being and making new kinds of choices — choices that serve you better. We see you making choices in your lives that reflect a deeper relationship with your true Self, choices rooted in self-love, and a feeling of being deserving of what you want in life.

This is a wonderful shift in your experience and we celebrate it with you!

For any of you who are not yet experiencing this kind of lessening of self-doubt and expansion of joyful presence and feel supported, we encourage you to claim it. To declare to All That Is, that you are ready to be fully supported and to thrive here, now. And then to learn to feel that this is YOURS, now that you’ve surrendered to it and opened to this inner knowing.

Worthiness, as we share often and Ailia expresses too, must be simply accepted. You cannot earn it, is it not to be earned, but it is a kind of remembering. And one which we assure you — you can lean fully into it, and let it lift you to new heights of being and knowing yourself.

We suggest that you speak to All That You Are, and express that you wish to learn alignment. You can simply call upon your eternal wholeness — what we refer to as the Divine Self — and invite your Divine Self to teach you alignment, through presence. Through being together, in quiet and for you — stillness — and through intent and practice, letting your mind grow quiet and your energy open and expand, falling into resonance with All That You Are.

This is an entirely natural experience and one your body is built to activate and accept, if you make these kinds of choices in presence.

Through being present within you and aligning in such a way that you become more complete, spacious, unified, and aligned, you become attuned and aware of when you are falling into and out of resonance with your true self.

When you fall out of resonance, or are in less resonance, this happens, more often than not, because you’ve become externally focused and are working to accomplish something through other people rather than by being the energy you want to be in.

You can learn to be focused on the external world, the people you love, and the things you are doing and experiencing, and still stay tuned into your inner senses. Your sense of alignment with and harmony in your being. That is the way of being to master now, or next, if you’ve not begun this yet.

It is the key to the shift to Universal presence which is increasing in your world at this time.

. . .

When you instead change your Life from within, by changing your vibration, by thinking about what you want and why you want it — which changes your vibration …

When you change from the inside out, you are tuning to the Divine Self, moment to moment, using it as a basis for your choices, aligning within by cultivating inner peace and inner harmony.

When you do this, you thrive.

Many of you wonder how to manifest, or how to become an energetic match for all you’ve become. We have a simple way to explain it to you. And it is important that you learn how to use this capacity you have to shift and tune your energy, because not only is the existing world manifesting in you and through you. As you. So too, will the new world and your own next-level experience manifest through you, as you grow in your ability to deliberately become a conduit for higher light and energy to be translated into experience through your growing capacity to deliberately shape your energy to receive the fullness of your being.

You do this through resonance with and unity with the Divine Self.

Know that your Divine Self, IS the most fulfilled and expanded version of you. It is everything you’ve become and is continually becoming more.

Your Divine Self expands into and becomes everything you desire. All the preferences you emanate from every experience you have and your natural response to it (which occurs energetically) is immediately integrated by the Divine Self and the Divine Self expands into a version of you that also includes your preferences. And then the Law of Attraction draws to the field of your eternal wholeness, all the cooperative components to achieve what you are wishing to experience and have and be and do… And so…

When you are tuning within, tuning to inner harmony and inner peace, tuning to unity and resonance with your Divine Self, you are quite naturally, but in a more general sense than you typically would create otherwise, in resonance with All You’ve Become, and thus all you desire.

You are naturally in that state, a match for all you desire.

Got it?

So unless you hold a belief that is at odds with this, you will manifest wonderful things from the fullness of your being, experiences and connections and situations, and inner things too – ideas insights, awarenesses, that expand your life and bring you fulfillment and joy.

And if you hold a belief that is at odds with this, you can change your beliefs. Becoming aware of what you think are the reasons you cannot have what you want. Write them down and then refute them! See the expression of lack, or limitation that these beliefs express and rewrite them. Then spend time doing things that make them real for you. Turn them into affirmations, tell a new story, imagine and envision your Life, the world, you, and everything you desire, in the experience you’d like to have, and do so, in a way that not only makes it real to you but makes you feel it as real, NOW.

Everything is real in an inner way first before it manifests.

You cannot translate into the material, the aspects of your eternal wholeness, which you do not believe you can receive.

So learning to rewrite and rewire your beliefs so that they empower and support you, is a path of freedom and empowerment. A path of being who you truly are, HERE — a Creator! A Divine Being! An Infinite, unlimited being of light and love and wholeness. This is your birthright, and this is your future, if you choose it and align to it. Learning how to become it by feeling your way and learning to think of yourself in a much higher way.

You now love yourself so much more than you did earlier in Life.

And you are, in fact, so much more than what you’ve yet allowed yourself to experience. To participate in ascension be open to thinking much more highly and freely about who you are and about what is possible for you.

Be willing to see the infinite possibilities all around you!

Invite your Divine Self to help you to open your mental fields to more truth and light and love. More freedom and power and spaciousness.

Learn to be in resonance, harmony, and unity with your Divine Self. We suggest you start each day by opening to the Divine Self and asking it to guide you and be with you, throughout the day. Give the Divine Self permission to come into your presence, more fully! Open and invite this vast and powerful energy of All That You Are, to become more and more fully embodied.

And know that what will manifest in this state of resonance with All That You Are, will include the things you want, or an even better version of them, than you originally chose or intended.

Know this and be at peace. Know this and seek joy and pleasure. Know this and realize the Divine Perfection of Life — All Is Well and unfolding perfectly. Notice this and feel appreciation in your day-to-day life, as you experience things you love. Be in a state of loving appreciation and joyful receiving. Of alignment. Of inner harmony. Of knowing who you truly are. Of the endless flow of becoming that is your existence!

Love your free time. Love the ease and flow of your day. Love that you have inner knowing about how to sequence things and what to do now. Love that you know when it’s not time because it doesn’t feel quite right, or quite lined up, and trust yourself in this and choose accordingly.

Trust that the perfect solutions — plural! There are always many and they are already lined up! And you will know what your part is, in unfolding even more fulfillment and joy and wondrous things in your Life, as time itself unfolds and as you cultivate Oneness with All That You Are!

This nearness to your Divine Self is everything.

In awareness and practice.

And this Eclipse Cycle? We think, of it, as an opportunity for much deeper integration for those of you ready for this, of the Divine Self. A much deeper conscious knowing of the true Self and being in greater unity with who you truly are.

Human beings are shifting not only from living in separation and feeling that the Divine was outside of them, higher than them but also they are, you are, shifting in your relationship to the Universe. You’re becoming Universal in nature, instead of localized and personality based.

This is an inner shift in identity, in consciousness, and an energetic shift in your human form. Your body is coming online with the greater vehicle of ascension — the Cosmic Merkaba or Lightbody which is fueling the ascension of this Universe with the Greater Multiverse.

Realize, friends, that ascension is not only happening to you, and to your species and your world/your planetary home, but it is happening throughout Creation. We’re ascending. Galactic beings are ascending. All Life is ascending!

All Life is awakening and moving into higher consciousness and higher states of being, as it can. And for human beings, this is about permission and openness to be transformed from within. And most of this is happening through your Divine Self, or what some of you call your Soul Self.

This greater wholeness that is the eternal, dynamically expanding version of you, is most of you. And the part of you that is emanating into this body, into this earth-based, earth-comprised form of energy and matter, is continually fueled by and receiving from the Divine Self.

You are the Divine Self, focused here. You are not separate from It, nor lower than it. It is you and you are It! And as the Divine Self, you know yourselves as One and as unique in being, no matter where you are focused. You know this and know the significance of the great gift which is YOU. We invite you to claim this for yourself! As an emanation of, and an essence expression of this unique and beautiful Divine Self.

You, Beloved One, are a gift from Life, to Life.

From the Divine to many points of focus throughout creation and the endless expansion of your being, which is coming because of all that you create especially here, in your humanity, is fueling the ascension of the Universe and the ascension of the Multiverse.

For it is JOY, friends, and LOVE, and PEACE and LIGHT and TRUTH and these qualities of Divine Being — WILL and ABUNDANCE and KNOWING, which are the fuel of Creation. It is CONSCIOUSNESS, or AWARE which energizes and makes possible everything in Life that is in expression, such as you being where you are now, reading this transmission from us, being as we are now.

We are non-local and everywhere, but you are specific and organized into a dimensional continuum that is opening up and elevating. So you are having a rich and profound experience that is reorganizing Life as you live it! You’re a player, Dear Friend, in the most admired and awe-inspiring ways! We love to behold what you are being and becoming.


This Eclipse Cycle is opening you up to Universal frequencies, and realigning many of you to new communities, new ways of being, opening up a new sense of purpose even for some. Or perhaps what you might think of as a more specific purpose, or even a sense that NOW is the time, for a purpose you’ve been softly aware of for a long time, now feeling increasingly materials and as if it matters, in a new and very natural way, NOW.

This is how Life evolves, Dear Friend, through awareness shifting and forming new ideas within you that you feel and know from within and then live from.

You are quite skilled at this — at receiving inner guidance and knowing. And acting from it, integrating it, and becoming a fulfilled expression of what you receive and understand.

You operate this way in All That You Are. Life Itself animates and drives you from within, in all ways.

So then,

Pay attention these days, for big and profound changes within you are happening!

And as a sense of being a different kind of participant in Life, arises within you …

As a feeling of kinships and joy, awakens within you in regards to your self-expression, of your thoughts about rocks and rivers, flowers and dolphins, or whales …

As you sense more meaning than ever before in the forest nearby that you love so much, or the biome you breathe, and the earth you grow your lettuce in… or even in the air you breathe…

Know that All Life IS indeed, speaking to you, aware of you, and calling you into a greater resonance and affinity with All That You Are.

And this deeper integration is the focal point on Earth at this time, in this Eclipse Portal.

This is a journey into more and more conscious awareness of ONENESS.

There is a deep and important transformation occurring within the way showers and the leading edge of ascending beings, in which you are being opened from within, in resonance and harmony with your Divine Self, to a more vast and Universal expression of your being.

And this will likely feel quite significant to you, in some way and so when it does, realize and link that experience to what we are sharing with you now and KNOW and FEEL the significance and beauty of your being and all you are bringing forth and participating in, through your human life, these days.

Know how wondrous your Creation is and is continually becoming! Feel it and be at PEACE.

We love you very much. We are complete.

We are the Angelic Ones.
I AM Archangel Michael with Ailia and the Council of Radiant Light.

We bid you, a most wonderful day!


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