How to Manifest the Life of Your Dreams ∞The 9D Arcturian Council


How to Manifest the Life of Your Dreams ∞The 9D Arcturian Council, Channeled by Daniel Scranton

“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We are always taking stock of where you are on your journeys there on planet Earth so that we can deliver to you the energies and the messages that you truly require. We know that many of you have requests of the universe, Source, your guides, and even us that you would like our help with, and we want you to know that the best way we have of helping you is by reminding you of how this all works. Yes, you do come into a lifetime knowing that you are going to have certain traits and that you will be born into a family, a home, a neighborhood, a community, where you are bound to have certain experiences of life, and of yourself and others.

Once you have been incarnate for a while, and you play the game and follow the rules that society has laid out for you, oftentimes you realize that there is something more. Along with some of the major events that were scripted for this lifetime, there was also planned an awakening. You know this because you are awake, and that did not happen by accident. Once you become awakened, you realize that there are other ways of moving through the world, living your life, and realizing your dreams. There are ways that were not taught to you in school or in any other place where you could go to learn about how to navigate life in such a way that you can live joyously and freely.

Now for as long as humans have been there on Earth, you have looked to the stars, the skies, the heavens, for help, and we have always been offering that help energetically. We have always been listening and taking into consideration all of the requests that you have to live a better life there on Earth. But when we tell you how to do it yourselves, we truly are giving you the keys to the kingdom. We are revealing to you everything that hadn’t been taught to you previously by those who seemed to know all.

The way that we see it, from our vantage point, all you have to do now to receive what you want to receive and live the life you want to live is let go of anything that is resistant in nature. That of course includes your thoughts and beliefs, your emotions, but it also includes your judgments. You cannot want what someone else has, but also be in judgment of how they got it and truly be in alignment with living that life. And so, in order to manifest the life of your dreams, there is less that you have to do and more that you have to release.

If you are paying attention to what you are thinking and feeling, even if they seem entirely justifiable to you, and you are willing to let go of that which feels heavy to you, you can allow in some of those answered prayers. There will be some that you are not ready to receive yet, but then you have to trust and have faith that all of your prayers are being answered and everything is coming in the perfect timing. If you can do all of those things that we have just laid out for you, then you can live happily ever after and you can manifest the life of your dreams.

If you are getting tired of waiting around for one of these manifestations to emerge in the physical reality for you, then just go and have fun, or relax and look at the clouds while listening to the birds sing. Do not think that you have to be in manifestor mode all of the time in order to receive. By now you have led enough life in this lifetime to have asked for enough, to have created enough, so that you need to be more focused on the receiving mode that few people find themselves in on a regular basis. But it is so important to remember to receive, and that is why we are giving you this little reminder here and now.

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”


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