A New Beginning Toward Your Destiny


15 April 2023

Hello fellow Soul travelers,

Well, what a powerful time we are in at the moment – all the Aries energy from Jupiter – planet of excess. And anger! So many angry people – or is it really frustration? We all need to keep up our daily cleansing and protection of our energetic field which holds sooo much. For instance our powerful Chakra vortexes, our other 6 bodies, and also any debris from others we meet or may simply stand next to in the supermarket isle. It’s also where much illness begins – in our energy field. Not surprising since it is our field after all, so we need to keep it cleansed and nurtured.

Of course we are almost at the time of Solar Eclipse on 19/20th April in, yes, Aries! Aries is also the warrior energy, so maybe more anger about for a while. Eclipses are about endings so expect something or someone to be eclipsed from your life within the next six months. Did I mention this is a very strong eclipse? The few degrees at the end of a sign – Aries – make it stronger. By degree this Eclipse is aligned to powerful Pluto – transformation – and Neptune – deceit and illusion, so be aware of all smooth talkers and watch what you sign especially. The next day old Mercury goes retrograde in Taurus, so be very mindful of financial details and expenditure. So… quite a bit to be watchful of this month and next. PS. With Neptune in the Eclipse mix we could see a lot of water/ flooding issues.

I feel I must remind you all to be watchful of the financial area, wherever you live. The Elite want power over you, or, coming up, your money! So they want to introduce digital currency. Do not be fooled. Oh yes it will be dressed up and promoted to help you. Do you really believe that? I can tell you the control will move reasonable quickly to control what you buy and what you own. Beware! Protect your money and assets.

We are living in a great transitional phase in humanities history. So yes, we see many changes. But please remember you DO have a voice to say, “no, I don’t want this”. Of course forming a group would give you more power and it’s really what we should be doing. We’re side tracked by economic hardship just now….mmmm, is that the part of the plan by governments? Maybe but in any event numbers are our strength for anything. So do consider forming a group in your area, to discuss, to meditate, for companionship and strength.

Master Kuthumi’s message this time really speaks of deep clearing any past life residue. We often carry some remnants over from a previous life time. These can act out in a particular behavioral pattern, a relationship issue, important issues that were not completed so must be finished (with experience and lessons learned) in the current life time. These can be hard ones, but… there is a reason for that. Kuthumi also speaks of a new look at nature. Time we got back to basic ‘roots’ so to speak. He is beginning to really prepare us for living in a 5D state and relating to our new Crystalline Light bodies. Now there is nothing to fear in this. I’m sure you all know that. So breathe, smile, rest. All you really need is within!

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Til next time

Lynette, Michael, Master Kuthumi and all of The Great White Brotherhood

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Light Blessings to each of you as we join in the shift, a leap of faith

Lynette, Mike, Kuthumi and The Great White Brotherhood



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