New Message – New Video!  April 13, 2023 💜


Greetings, Beautiful Being!

I pray you are well, and feeling encouraged by the Light pouring in now, despite how demanding these energies may be at times!

In this week’s Message, we hear from Ascended Master (and Admiral of the Ashtar Command) Lord Sananda Kumara.

Lightworkers 🌟 Starseed: Accept Your Mastery! Sananda Speaks

He answers a question a friend of mine had recently, about how to handle our increasing feelings of empathy as we see others having a hard time.

Particularly those we love who may not want our help or our input.

“How do we help, without interfering?” my friend asks.

Lord Sananda’s answer has a few different aspects to it, and holds beautiful energies for us:

This beautiful gold dust that is everywhere in the world now, everywhere within your being—this is superseding all of the old training, all of the old programming—mental or genetic, or emotional or auric, or what have you.

It’s superseding all of the old rules, all the old restrictions. And it’s bringing forth more of the Light of your own soul.

So there is more of your soul power with you, and this is one reason why your empathic self is so aware and so alive now.

And it’s understandable that that would be difficult at times. You want to stop weeping for the state of the world, or your loved ones. You want to stop feeling alone.

You want to stop this feeling that they’re left behind somehow. They’re struggling, and you can’t do anything about it, and so you feel their pain.

As you’re watching this water flowing by, dear ones, just be aware: Be aware that every particle of that water follows a particular path and has a particular purpose.

And if we were to go in and change it, it would change everything!

It would change the stream. It would change the banks [of the stream]. It would change the trees who are absorbing the water.

And do we have the right to do that—any of us in the Collective, or anyone anywhere in the Universe?

You’ve already been interfered with; you don’t need more interference. . . .”

Go here for the full transcript of the video. I felt it was very freeing and empowering in ways I wasn’t expecting.

And a Big Thank You to all who tuned in for The Abundant Living podcast yesterday.

Again — technical issues. So I will be pre-recording the podcast from now on, but welcoming you to send in your questions for the Collective ahead of time!

The Collective and I continue sending Light and much Love for your journey, my friend!

There is so much Love, support, and encouragement in these golden Light particles flowing to the Earth now.

They are sentient, and speaking in the language of higher Light to every particle of your beautiful Being.

Sending many blessings!

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